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Welcome to our CHE public comment and classified ad section. Feel free to submit your comments here. The CHE classified ads are listed free for CHE participants for the first 84 characters or first two lines for up to two months. Each additional line is 1/4 CHE Hour; also payable  in cash or check. Please email ads here.
Well, fast approaches the time of year when we get the idea of celebrating with trees inside our homes.  An evergreen tree symbolizes life during the dormant winter.  Inside our homes a tree is Nature on display.  Lights adorn these trees and lights are put on.  Decorations are memories and art, shiny and special.  Presents are put under these trees signifying bounty.  This is a tradition, something we can share.  And these trees get planted in parks and watersheds.  They grow huge and old and improve the environment.
If only the Christmas Tree where that simple.  Well, in Portland only, we are pioneering a service which makes it convenient to celebrate with live trees.  The Original Living Christmas Tree Company (TOLCTC) rents Living Christmas Trees.  These lucky trees get planted in places other than our backyards.  And, because portlanders rent them, TOLCTC is able to sell the trees to planters for half their cost.  To learn more checkout  You can leave a message for John at 503-813-TREE.

Bonnie @ Positively Entertainment & Dining needs a handyman and dentist. 503-253-0513

Jody Neubert (gentle acupuncturist)  needs someone to do gardening, tree pruning, and  yard maintenance. 503-331-0959

Collective and Decorative Beer Tap Handles: Have a wide variety of old beer tap handles. They would be great for a collector, or decorating a bar. For details call Cam Thomas at  360 546-1945. - CAMT@PACIFIER.COM