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CHE Guideline Agreement

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Cascadia Hour Exchange (CHE) stimulates local business by recycling our wealth locally. Real capital, skills, goods, and services back up CHE. Participation in CHE opens the door to meet new people and discover new opportunities. CHE builds rich and rewarding friendships and creates better local economic communities that are based on high values, ethics, integrity and standards that develop deep trust in one another. The greater Portland area has 100ís of participants.

The following guidelines make up the principles and concepts that CHE participants agree to:

1.            You may participate by exchanging your quality goods and services through the use of CHE scrip, thus building a stronger economic community.

2.            CHE scrip may be traded directly with other participants.

3.            CHE scrip may be traded for participant products, services or gift certificates.

4.            The CHE Directory is available free on our Website:

5.            Participants agree to accept CHE scrip.

6.            To be listed in the CHE Directory. An independent marketing company places these ads in the CHE directory contracts advertising.

7.            The CHE scrip trades without fees or dues.

8.            The CHE scrip is a valuable accounting technique to keep track of your trade of goods and or services as well as your time.

9.            Each participant is responsible for his or her own accounting and taxes, as required by law.

10.        Each participant that takes part in a transaction that is not 100% trade shall determine the percentage of CHE scrip, (gift certificates) and/or cash involved.

11.        CHE participants will provide quality goods and services. 

12.        CHE participants should attend at least one of the CHE events to enhance their success.

13.        Anyone that provides goods or services may participate in the use of CHE scrip.

14.        You are responsible for any trades you make.  At all times you are responsible for your actions.

CHE participants hold a regular monthly event.  Call for confirmation of location and time or check the Website of  Bring your CHE scrip and (2) items or service certificates to the meeting to trade, share a bit about yourself and your trade business success.

For information, please call John at 503-810-8382 or e-mail to  Ads in the CHE Directory are updated weekly. e-Mail your directory additions or corrections to c/o John Poling, or to the e-mail above.

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