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Learning to Network Together for More $UCCE$$

The next CHE meeting is Saturday, August 20th, in the RiverShore Clubhouse. It is located North of  Target in the Jantzen Beach Shopping Center, in back of Plaid Pantry, on Hayden Island Dr. We start the Trade Table set up at 10 am followed by our potluck brunch and new guest orientation. Children are welcome to come and learn how to manage money and start their own business. Everyone is encouraged to bring a friend and tell them about our FREE Brunch and FREE Small Business Training Program. Who said there is no such thing as a Free Lunch? Be sure to look at the HaveZ and WantZ items at the end of this email. Shop for new items every month!

Cascadia Hour Exchange (CHE)
The Vancouver and North Portland CHE Auction
Better than Barter!

Attention All CHE Participants: Our start time is: 10 am to allow more time for Summer Exploring and Enjoyment ... First time guests are free, all others should contribute 1/2 CHE if they bring a dish for the potluck or 1 CHE if they come with just an appetite.

When: Saturday August 20th, 2016
            10 am to noon - Potluck Brunch - Guest introductions and Orientation - Network and Small Business Training - Learn About Our Unique System of Buying, Selling and Trading which will be followed by our Famous Action Auction - No cash is allowed during the meeting

Where: Hayden Island Mobile Home Park @ River Shore Clubhouse (Directly behind and just West of Plaid Pantry)
            1501 N. Hayden Island Dr., Portland, OR 97217 - Map

The Action Auction will be held at the
Hayden island Mobile Home Park in the RiverShore Clubhouse, Map, at Jantzen Beach,
Saturday, August 20th, 2016 @ 10 am

Cost: Brunch is potluck; First time guests are free; All others should contribute 1/2 CHE if they bring a dish, or 1 CHE if they come with just an appetite

Purpose: Learn to Network/Exchange/Buy/Sell/Trade and Socialize with Other Traders. Participate in our Action Auction.

Featured on CNN/Money and Local News:


  • Free Directory
  • No Trade Dues
  • No Trade Fees
  • Gift Certificates
  • Free Web Sites
  • Social Connections


  • Saves Cash
  • Increase Sales
  • Networking
  • More Trade
  • Monthly Auction
  • More Business

Learn all about the CHE Small Business Networking Program at this event. We have been building a better local business and economic community since 1994. (Please respond to the volunteer coordinator that told you about this program or call one of our other representatives.)

This is a time for CHE participants to trade goods and services, providing a wonderful opportunity for growing and networking your business. This door is open to you to meet new and exciting people interested in trade, exchange and barter.  CHE is built on the values of individual participants and the use of CHE scrip (gift certificates). All items and services at the meeting are 100% trade without any cost, cash or trade fees. Come and join us for this special CHE event on Saturday August 20th, 2016. We to see hope all of you at the meeting! 

We invite you to check out our CHE web site at
or join us for this CHE Auction and Social Event.
Bring your FRIENDS and CHE gift certificates and/or something to exchange.

Reservations are requested. Please be our guest by calling
John at 503-810-8382 to RSVP or E-mail