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Welcome to our CHE public comment and classified ad section. Feel free to submit your comments here. The CHE classified ads are listed free for CHE participants for the first 84 characters or first two lines for up to two months. Each additional line is 1/4 CHE Hour; also payable  in cash or check. Please email ads here.

The work you've done with the CHE website is fabulous!  It looks great. Lisa

Great web site!!! The classifieds are a great idea, too. I'd like to place the following ad...Jody

The Portland trade groups have not worked for me until I became part of CHE. I really enjoy this trade group. Ron

I'm a music teacher and found the piano tuning service to be very professional. Also, I had a top quality sign made for my business. Leila

I belong to several trade exchanges, but I find CHE meets more of my needs. Linda The CHE trade group has been a long time vision of mine and I have found it to meet many of my needs. John
CHE Web Page. It looks G-R-E-A-T  ! Please call me. JOHN