Beaverton Auction 102002
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CHE Beaverton Auction

Copyright 1994-2004 CHE                       October 2002 Volume 4, Issue 10pdx

This is the well-known Cascade Gardens hosted CHE event in Beaverton! This social auction is for our guests to meet  CHE participants. Check the meeting time below.  Learn all about the new CHE Exchange News at this event. We have been building a better local business community since 1994.  (Please respond to the volunteer coordinator that gave you this flyer for conformation of attendance or call John at  503. 810.8382 or email to: Reservations Please. Thanks!

Where:    Cascade Gardens 503-810-8382

Location:  3405 SW 106th, Beaverton, Oregon 97005 Map

               Place:       Main Meeting Room

               Time of events:       

                5:00PM 5:30PM Vender Setup

5:30PM 6:15PM  Potluck Dinner

6:15PM 7:30PM  Guest Orientation & Trade Auction

                Cost: First-time Guests - Free! Others: 1/2 CHE Hour +  a dish to serve 8 people

Date:        Sunday - October  20th

It is a time of fun with the exchange of goods and services, providing a wonderful opportunity for growing and networking your business.  This door is open to you to meet new and exciting people, interested in trade.  CHE is built on the values of individual participants and the use of CHE scrip.

CHE scrip trades without fees or dues

All items and services at the meeting are 100% trade

Join us at the October auction! Learn all about the advantages of CHE trading for increasing your cash and trade business. Bring a business friend and something new to sell (or like new) at the trade auction. See you at Cascade Gardens, Sunday, October 20th, 2002. Be ready to socialize and trade! John