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EarthWalk Blog by C. A. Roland
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Pahoa, HI

Carol A. Roland, M.A.

Ancient Cosmology
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Life as a Sacred Circle Practice

Life as a Sacred Circle

My life seemed to have many separate paths and stages that I can now see as just part of one continual flow. Talking about this Sacred Circle of life has become my passion, my ministry. When we are able to see the Universal patterns in all lives, it is easier to understand and accept each of our own life experiences. This page is dedicated to my observations and stories about experiences (mine and others) on the EarthWalk stage of this Sacred Circle Journey.

Developmental Stages

I have read and observed that our "EarthWalk" journey has many distinct stages. Because life is a continuous flow, attempts to define a number and name to a stage is completely arbitrary and the opinion of various individuals and groups. Current psychology and education courses teach methods with six to eight stages. Many popular self help books list a variety of other numbers. Astrology is actually a form of defining 12 life stages with each sign having predominately traits of each progressive life stage. Aries is the infant stating here I am on this adventure of life. Taurus is the stage to learn about this physical vehicle and its sensory organs. Gemini learns to walk and talk through listening and observation. Cancer learns about family and home. Leo learns self creativity and peer interaction. Virgo learns individuality and self discrimination. Libra learns the concept of others and mutual communication