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The Body ElectricLife Force Energy
by Miriam Knight
Miriam Knight

In the 1920s a Russian-born engineer George Lakhovsky, postulated that the "twisted filaments" in the cells, which we now know as DNA, are in fact miniature oscillating circuits. He observed that all living beings can be uniquely characterized by the frequencies of radiation that they emit in many different wavelengths, and that the cells can either transmit or receive ultra-short radio waves. He found that these oscillations in the nucleus created minute high frequency currents.

It was probably these currents that Robert Becker M.D., an orthopedic surgeon, was describing when he talked about the current of healing. He discovered that the body used electrical potentials to turn on and off the processes that lead to the formation of new bone. In cases where the ends of the bone wouldn't come together, so-called non-union fractures, he was able to kick-start the bone into new growth by the application of very low voltage direct current to the site of the injury. He found that when the body received an injury, the cells in the area generated a negative electrical potential which caused nearby cells to de-differentiate, or go back to the embryonic state where they are not one particular kind of cell, but have the potential for any kind.

As in an embryo, these cells began to multiply rapidly and move to the injury site where they would then re-differentiate as whatever tissue was needed. When healing was complete, the electrical potential changed to positive, which inhibited further cell growth. He speculated that cancer cells were simply de-differentiated cells, which for some reason were not receiving the "off" signal; and, in fact, he measured the same negative electrical potential in tumors as around the site of an injury. One obvious question is how did the normal cells know what tissue to change into?

Semyon Kirlian, an electronics engineer from Russia, provided a clue. While visiting a research institute to repair equipment, he watched a demonstration of an electrotherapy machine and wondered whether the sparks he saw coming from the patient could be recorded on a photographic plate. He eventually patented a device that coupled a high frequency field generator with a photographic plate. He found that a subject in this field would radiate a kind of bioluminescence onto the plate without the need for a camera. Probably his most famous experiment with what is now called the Kirlian "Camera" was of the Phantom Leaf Effect. He placed a living multi-lobed leaf onto the plate, and the developed picture showed bright points of light speckling the surface of all the leaflets, and a bright corona streaming out of the edges of the leaf, particularly at the tips. He then cut away 90% of the leaf and placed the remaining central stem on the plate. The resulting photograph showed a brilliant pattern of light surrounding the stem in the shape of the original whole leaf.

This astonishing phenomenon demonstrated that this small remaining part of the leaf somehow contained the information about the energy grid for the whole structure. This has been called the morphogenetic field, that is the field that "produces the form." Similar Kirlian energy imprints have also been seen around the stump of an amputated hand.

Genetic research has taken some of the mystery out of the phantom leaf experiment by demonstrating that the DNA in the nucleus carries the blueprint of the entire organism. Enough information to create an entire human, animal or plant is encoded in the DNA of each and every cell. Anyone who has seen Jurassic Park understands the implications of cloning from a single cell, and Dolly the English ewe is the living proof that cloning is no longer science fiction. The DNA coding is very like a hologram. If a tiny piece were cut off a hologram of say a rose, and illuminated with coherent light, it would still show the picture of the complete rose.

In further experiments, Kirlian was able to capture on film the differences in energy patterns between healthy leaves and diseased leaves. This inspired Harry Oldfield, one of the most respected researchers in the field of Kirlian photography, to do a fascinating series of energy field photographs of common food stuffs. The resulting pictures showed an orange with a brilliant energy field and ginseng with a spectacular one. The field of half a head of fresh cabbage was bright while the other half, which had been cooked, was a pale shadow. Meusli was full of energy while cornflakes showed none at all. The hand print of a person on a whole food diet was rimmed with spikes of energy while the hand print of a person on a diet high in junk food barely had a discernable outline.

The strength of the energy field picked up in the Kirlian photo is a good indicator of available life force. We depend on the life force energy from the foods we eat to fuel our bodies, so it makes sense to eat those with the highest "octane" - i.e. those whose vitalizing energy has not been reduced or extinguished by over-processing.

The question we will explore in the next issue is: "Since the cells are also receivers, who is sending the messages?"

Miriam Knight is a psychologist and energy therapist working in NW Portland. Her practice includes energy field analysis and rebalancing with resonating crystals, healing visualization and counseling for health and well-being. She can be contacted at 503-246-7300 or by e-mail to