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The Sacred Path ofAwakening
By Christopher Love
Book review by Wind Hughes, MS, CMFC, LMT
Wind Hughes is an author and spiritual teacher who interviewed Christopher Love for an article/interview that was published in the October issue of a Seattle paper, "The New Times."

Christopher Love

Upon meeting Christopher Love I was immediately taken by the intense energy emanating from his deep brown eyes. I felt warmed, relaxed, like I had just met an old friend I hadn't seen in a long time, and it is just this quality of intimacy and warmth that flows throughout the pages of his new book, The Sacred Path of Awakening.

Christopher's teachings draw from his many years of personal and professional experience as a therapist, healer, composer and spiritual teacher. His list of accomplishments, including over 50 audio titles, 4 wonderful musical CD's and an audio mystical children's bedtime story leaves me wondering when he manages to sit in the silence and bliss he so clearly refers to in his book.

I found his book an incredible journey through the layers and veils of illusion, to the essence of the truth that we are God, Spirit, awakening to our true nature. His message is simple, clear and direct and his book full of the intimacies of a spiritual path and understanding not encumbered by pages of jargon and meta-babble.

His "Attraction of Oneness Philosophy" in the introduction is flawless, his stories of mystical experience, visions and angelic connection throughout the book are absolutely breathless, and his own personal story is amazing and almost too personal. Christopher really sets us up for an open heart and skillfully takes us through the veils of our seeming reality with his teachings constantly reminding us that we all are of divine nature and since we are That that is Divine, we have full potential to realize that.

I was not surprised when it is revealed towards the end of the book, that Christopher has had many past lives of interest, including that of St. Mark who walked with the Master Jeshua or Christ. I agree with my friend Gary Hardin, co-author of "On the Wings of Heaven" and the mega-bestseller, "Messengers" when he says, "THE SACRED PATH and Christopher Love himself represent the fulfillment and alignment of master souls who have returned at this time. His story is more than personal, it is archetypal."

This book is truly transformational and perhaps the most important book you'll ever read. It will change your life and change the world.

Wind Hughes has over 20 years' experience as a psychotherapist, bodyworker & healer. She is co-author of the book, Daughters of he Moon, Sisters of the Sun. Wind has created, produced and co-directed the documentary video, An Island of Women. She travels widely presenting workshops and facilitating personal and spiritual transformation, sacred ceremony and ritual. Wind lives in Taos, New Mexico.