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Clustered Water
by Russell Holzinger

All water is created equal but they are by far not all the same. Obvious differences are in taste and odor. What I am going to address is more subtle differences that science is only beginning to discover and understand. I am going to describe how these discoveries are changing the way we will look at water forever and what they mean to you in your daily life and beyond.

I have seen and experienced such powerful biological changes come from using what is being called "structured water" that I wanted to know more. What I have found is so profound that I was motivated to share what I have learned.

My interest in writing this article is not to talk about the general benefits of keeping the body well hydrated. There are plenty of resources that are easily accessible from which you can educate yourself on general hydration of the body. One of the best resources available is in the Portland metro area. Her name is Deanna DeLong and she can be contacted at 503-641-1916. She has an outstanding book and video on hydration called "Drink Water for Life."

I want to remind you that aside from oxygen, water is the most crucial element that our bodies need to continue serving us. Water is crucial to 99% of all bio-chemical processes. I will be touching on some of the ways "water technology" can drastically improve water's ability to facilitate all those reactions in your body. This means drastic improvements in your health, of course. I would like to take plenty of space-time to discuss each water technology adequately so I will limit my first discussion to one of the newest and most powerful healing waters available. The water I will be discussing is called Clustered Water.

I chose to address this Clustered Water first because most of the other water technologies have plenty of readily accessible material on them. There are over 11 books and a quarter of a million documented case studies on the effects of Clustered Water, but they are all written in Japanese. I am offering some knowledge to bridge the gap between this moment and the publication of Dr. Lorenzen's book here in North America.

Dr. Lorenzen is the patent holder on a process called the "Template Induction Process" by which "nano-clustered resonant water" is produced. By saying nano-clustered they are saying that the molecular structure of the water is very small, and resonant means that the water carries a frequency that it imparts to its surrounding environment. Clustered Water is the trade name given to this water.

When the structure of water is discussed we are talking about how many H2O molecules are bonded together into one discrete ring or cluster. Under normal conditions, natural clustering of water molecules is short lived and the cluster size is unpredictable. Dr. Lorenzen has been studying different healing springs from all over Earth and found that they have a highly ordered structure that is consistent. He discovered that: the healing springs have a six-sided of hexagonal molecular structure; this is the reason why these waters heal so quickly and powerfully, and that they only stay this way for a few hours after it surfaces. Dr. Lorenzen has discovered a way to stabilize this six- sided structure so that anyone can consume it no matter where you are.

These six-sided water rings, which Dr. Lorenzen is calling Clustered Water, have been found to be a specific form of water instrumental in key cellular functions. Research has shown that the lack of this specific form of water is responsible for cellular aging and cellular problems. When we are young, our bodies are full of Clustered Water. As we grow older, our Clustered Water becomes unable to move freely through the cell walls. Our body contains approximately 10 trillion cells. The water that sustains them is called Clustered Water. Unlike tap water, rain or mineral water, Clustered Water has a particular characteristic which allows it to pass freely through cell walls, delivering oxygen, nutrients, protein chains, enzymes, and it removes the toxic buildup that accumulates in the cell.

The benefits of Clustered Water can be summed up in three main areas. Clustered Water enhances cellular hydration, increases nutrient absorption, and improves cell to cell communication.

You can drink all the tap water or other fluids you want but you are most likely not hydrating your cells' interior. You will most likely just hydrate the area between your cells. Clustered Water is of a six-molecule shape that is the key to accessing the inside of your cells. In order for water to access the interior of your cells, it must be in this six-sided shape. Toxins and acidic waste must be removed from the cells by water. It is commonly known that when you get old you dehydrate. What Dr. Lorenzen has shown is that it is actually dehydration that is what is causing the aging. And for your DNA to maintain its proper shape you need the proper pressure to be maintained within the cell.

Clustered Water enhances oxygen and nutrient transport and absorption throughout the body by as much as 600%, meaning your vitamins and organic foods will deliver far more vital nutrients to your body.

Best-selling author Dr. Horowitz says that everyone taking Clustered Water should immediately reduce their dietary supplementation to half the recommended amount, and in a few weeks of taking Clustered Water they should reduce that amount by another 50%. He used to be addicted to supplements to keep him functioning normally, but now he is proud to say that he is free from the need to take any supplements and he attributes it all to Clustered Water.

Our DNA has a column of Clustered Water that runs up the center of the double helix. It is important to maintain this highly structured water column to allow our DNA to send and receive information properly. Dr. Lorenzen has shown that there is a matrix of helical proteins that stretch not only throughout the cell, but from the nucleus throughout the cell membrane and interconnect to other cells. This is being called the cytomatrix. This is a highly complex conduit of water-protein structure that carries what is now shown to be very high frequency information. Like the layers of an onion, water surrounds protein in many layers, each layer having a different function as to how they carry electrical information.

At Cambridge University in England researchers have postulated a system they call "water wires." They found amidst the chaotically oriented helical proteins of the cytomatrix there are actually areas were the water-proteins are oriented end to end. They form a continuous connection along what the Chinese call the meridian lines. These water wires serve as the fiber optic communication backbone for our cellular system.

Clustered Water has been found to be an electrical communications media. This is why the second word in the scientific name for this water is resonant. This relates to that which is termed the "memory" of water. Using the word memory implies the ability to retain information. Water is like a CD because it can have information induced or imprinted into it. It can record information in the form of electromagnetic frequencies. It can record one note or a whole symphony. When you put water into your body, the information that is encoded in the water then travels along the water wires/ cytomatix to every cell in your body. Dr. Lorenzen has induced the frequencies of different healing herbs to create different solutions.

Drunvalo Melchizedek highly suggests that people interested in these new water technologies give Clustered Water a try because he feels it is vastly different than ordinary "structured" water. He is right because not only does it have the proper molecular structure to facilitate proper electrical information exchange, but Dr. Lorenzen has added specific resonant frequencies to Clustered Water. These frequencies give a wake-up call to every cell in your body with 2.5 seconds of it touching your mouth, and this new field of information that is flowing through your body tells your body to start cleaning itself out and start being truly vital and healthy. That is why Dr. Lorenzen says if you want a more powerful effect from the water, it is wiser to drink smaller quantities of Clustered Water more frequently rather than larger quantities less often. This is because after a period of time your body will slowly start playing its old set of instructions. So those truly intent on changing their DNA expression will give their body these new instructions many times a day until their body is so used to this way of being that it forgets the past and stays radiantly healthy in every moment. That is how we get profound change and evolution in one life.

And what about blessing your water with your own intent before consuming? There are pictures in these Japanese books that speak a thousand words in answer to that question.

And, of course, the last part of the nano-clustered resonant water is that it is water. Just water. Maybe a little too simple for some people but simple is powerful. Ideally 70% of our bodies are made of it so what could be more profound? Ideally 90% of our brain would be water. I will leave it up to you to ponder what the change in your ability to send and receive information will be once your brain is saturated with this water.

Only scratching the surface of what this water's potential is, I have shown how profound its necessity is in the body. I would love to discuss these new water technologies more in depth with anyone interested in knowing more. I can be contacted at (360) 458-3584 or See you next issue.