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Transmutation and the Violet Flame -
An Ancient Method to Change your Work Environment from a Negative to a Positive Atmosphere
by Mark Dodich

Are there people and situations in your work place that are draining your energy? Are there situations that seem impossible to change? Well, there is an ancient mystery school technique for changing dense, or negative, energy in positive light.

There are a few things you need to know before providing this technique. When you work with energy, you must take responsibility for your actions. Your intent must be for the Highest Good. That means that you must detach your ego and surrender the results to your Divine Source. You step out of judgment about what you think is the right outworking of the situation.

Transmutation is the process of changing fearful thoughts and feelings into a loving vibration. It is similar to alchemy where lead is turned into gold. However, transmutation works with energy rather than physical objects.

The technique involves calling in the Violet Flame to burn away darkness, leaving a loving vibration. The Violet Flame has been around for thousands of years and has been brought out to the general metaphysical population only during the past 50 years. Here is how to use it:

Sit quietly at your desk or any place you can get a few moments to yourself. Set your intention by quietly saying that you seek healing and only the Highest Good for all concerned. Call in the Violet Flame. Visualize it burning up all negativity. Send the Violet Flame out around your office, making available to all those who wish its healing and transmuting energy. You can make up your own words or use the following:

I Invoke the Violet Flame. Burn, Violet Flame, Burn.

I call forth the Masters and Angels of the Violet Flame. Burn, Violet Flame, Burn.

Transmute darkness into Light. I call forth the Highest Good.

My Divine Nature now operates in the physical world. Burn, Violet Flame, Burn.

I live in Joy, Prosperity, and Radiant Health. I AM Light. I AM Love.

Burn, Violet Flame, Burn.


Mark Dodich has been an astrologer and intuitive spiritual counselor since 1980. For a complimentary copy of his quarterly astrology forecast newsletter, ASTROMARK, contact him at (503) 252-1558 or or