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Sophia Center Hearthtalks
A Dream Come True ­ Hearthtalks Come to You!

Sophia Center is a nonprofit organization with a mission of supporting women and men as they explore and celebrate the Sacred Dimension of their lives. Sophia Center was founded in 1988 by two visionary women, Sister Kathryn Knoll and Rev. Judith Meckling, as a response to many requests from people of all walks of life for a safe place to explore and celebrate the spiritual journey of the heart.

Sophia Center Hearthtalks is a forum and discussion group that currently meets weekly in people's homes. Hearthtalks is a time where women and men have an opportunity to speak their truth and be heard. It is a time for exploring and gaining strength, hope and encouragement. While the participants are sharing and learning new ideas, their hands are busy putting the finishing touches on the Hearthstones that are found in Oregon and throughout the world. The volunteers lovingly craft and add prayers and blessing to their work in hopes that the people who come in contact with the Hearthstones experience blessings and support in their lives.

Hearthtalks can be held in your home with a group of your friends or open to anyone who wants to attend. You supply the topic or Sophia Center staff will provide speakers.

For details on Sophia Center and Hearthtalks call 503-636-5151. Hearthtalks are scheduled at Sylvan's Parrett Mountain Retreat Center on Fridays from 9am to noon starting in September. Sunday afternoon groups will be offered if there is interest. Call 503-925-1141 for details.