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Welcome to our last edition of the millennium. Here at Community ConneXion we have been busily preparing for the new year and beyond by developing our Internet site. By combining it with our publications, this great tool puts us in a position to spread awareness of Whole Life concepts and the people behind them like never before. If you haven't yet visited our Internet site, let me introduce you to ConneXion Online. We had 8,569 hits (visits) to our home page in the month of August, and the number has been growing ever since.

ConneXion Online is a combination of electronic newspaper and search engine. It has all the features of Community ConneXion (articles, calendar and directory) plus a whole range of new services only available on the Internet. The Wholistic Resource Guide will be an annual printed directory of our advertisers. It will be distributed throughout the year and available on newsstands, and is sure to become a vital reference guide to keep. Between ConneXion Online and the Wholistic Resource Guide, our directories will have the best coverage of Whole Life resources in the Northwest ­ and the most user-friendly. Our 1999 Wholistic Resource Guide has been very well received, but the 2000 edition is set to take off into cyberspace!


We are so convinced that the combination of publications and the Internet is the way to go that we are offering a FREE listing in our Internet directory to every qualified practitioner, service or business in the area ­ that we know about.

So if you are a holistic, socially responsible or spiritually oriented practitioner or business and you're not on it yet, let us know! Call the office at (503-810-8382) or e-mail us at for your free listing.

Naturally, to get the most out of the Internet you will want to take advantage of all the features that we can now offer. The best way to do that is to become a KEY Member (same as a Cyber member) of ConneXion Online. This opens the magic door to the Web and to exciting new ways to interacting with your potential client base or just to find the information you need. We believe that the combination of Internet and print is the best value for your money.


When you become a Key Member of ConneXion Online you will have access to a menu of options to pick and choose from. As a Key Member you get a 50% reduction on all ConneXion services on the menu that you add to your free listing. Since we believe that the best way to make an impact is the combination of Internet and print advertising, we have come up with our Showcase Package which saves you as much as 37.5% more. The Showcase Package gives you a combination of your own page in ConneXion Online and a 7 1/4" x 2" ad in the Wholistic Resource Guide annual directory.

Whether you go for the Showcase Package or choose from the menu of options, Key Members can be sure that anyone with an interest in their area will be directed to their listing. Our superb search engine will do keyword and full text searches of our entire site ­ even the calendar and articles in our archives. And, it can do it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This also means that there are no deadlines for ConneXion Online. You can start, change copy, edit or make corrections any time and, if you miss our press deadline, we can still put your ad or changes on the Internet.


You can have your own Navigation Bar to take readers to your website, e-mail, articles, favorite websites, books, product sheets, special offers ­ whatever your imagination can come up with. If you don't have website or e-mail, we'll help you get them for free. Our on-line Chat Rooms will provide a forum for exchange of ideas and information. ConneXion Online will provide an up-to-the-minute classified section and calendar of events, challenging articles, editorials, an on-line bookshop, and links around the world. Our commercial pages will offer a national showcase for 'wholistic' products, complete with shopping cart and merchant services. We can process major credit cards on-line and relay orders to you.

On the Internet the name of the game is channeling visitors to your site. Our website is registered with all the top search engines and anyone looking for information on Whole Life concepts, services and products in Oregon will find prominently featured at the top of the search results. We will also register your Internet Key with the search engines and if you already have a web page you can link it to our site.


Very little for such high visibility marketing. Just imagine the impact on your prospective clients when they see your print ad in our guide and then find that same ad on the Internet too! The Showcase Package combination of Showcase site and ad in the annual directory costs just $295 annually or $35 a month for Key Members. Check our rate sheet for prices of the individual options. Existing Participating Members who are in the current Wholistic Resource Guide may qualify for a lower rate.