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Opening the Door Within!
by Mary Mraz

Mary Mraz

What day will you choose to finally discover life? I believe many people, at some point in their life, have questioned their existence and purpose in life. It was through the challenges of my own life that I began to question, Where is God? What are our true capabilities? What is this life really all about? It has taken me on a quest for answers. My research and self-discovery has taken me on a fascinating journey ... Which we call LIFE!

Our imagination is one of God's greatest gifts allowing us to know what is possible. I honestly believe God would not give us an imagination so vast if we were not meant to explore all of life's mystery and wonder. Maybe it is through our imagination that we have been given the opportunity to experience Mother, Father, God.

I chuckle at myself, as I used to look for a paranormal experience to happen to prove God was there. I searched for an image of God. Einstein noted that energy and matter are interchangeable. I believe God is an intelligent creative energy, seen and unseen. Thus, it would seem to me that God is everywhere.

To research and experience is to begin to discover life. I believe a person needs to make a conscious choice to begin the quest for answers. There must be the desire and readiness to question, learn, experience, feel and express. If people do not take time to research and experience new things, how are they to know what is valid? I believe we do not understand many things in this world and we are so quick to discount them. An OPEN MIND is a key element in finding answers.

Now, begin to listen and see what is around, as if a child seeing it for the first time! Children are our greatest teachers, as they are an example of who we are, and a reminder of what we lost, now that we have become an adult. A child's mind is open living moment to moment, noticing everything around them. They are innocent, fearless, spontaneous and joyful, a bounty of creative energy. Children never question who they are. They are moment to moment free and experiencing spirits with dreams and talents to express their true inner essence (spirit).

I believe as we age, we get caught up in negative belief and thought patterns. We forget who we are, as if trapped in a box. At some point in our lives, our creative free spirit makes its presence known, saying, "Hey, something is not working in my life." We feel frustrated, unfulfilled, lost, and fearful, seeking something else, but cannot put our fingers on it. By monitoring our thoughts, we learn about ourselves. How we think affects our emotions and actions in our everyday life.

Sometimes I felt like a mouse searching for the cheese in a maze, and God was getting sheer pleasure from watching me going in circles saying, "Boy, this is real entertainment"! I felt lost because of the many questions I faced about the world, myself, and the events in my everyday life. Wondering where God is in all of this, I felt fearful. I found that fear was lack of information. Amazingly, God gets involved if we ask. Remember God has allowed us to use our free will.

Experiment by starting with one simple question. Hold it in thought, trust and be thankful that God already answered the question. This could be a question on any issue you currently face. Then listen; the answer may come by many means ­ the next book you pick up, a friend, a newspaper article or a thought may enter your mind. Relax and be patient, it may take a few days. I believe God will answer our questions. We just need to learn how to ask, listen and believe.

The next area I began to experiment with was intuition. This is the part of you that senses a type of knowing, also known as a "gut feeling." Everyone has experienced a type of "knowing" at some point in their lives. We have learned to shrug this "knowing" off as our imagination or perhaps a coincidence. (I believe there is no such thing as coincidence. Everything in life does have its purpose. This will become evident as the quest for answers continue). Intuition is not the logical processing of information through the mind, as when we try to figure out a problem. It is an instant knowing of information from an unknown source, which triggers a feeling in the body and may flash, without analysis, information in the mind.

Intuition, when developed further, has been categorized as psychic ability. People often fear this classification because they misunderstand it. There is just a difference in the degree in which one develops and uses it. Your intuition can be extremely helpful in all areas of your everyday life. It can help with your decisions, paths to choose, or whom to approach. It can also warn of approaching danger. How many of you have not had things go too well whenever you did not follow that "little voice" inside? Developing your intuition is not just for the knowing of something. Intuition also allows you to begin to trust yourself and it builds a confidence of knowing that you truly have a connection with the Divine.

My quest for answers has led to researching other areas such as meditation, prayer, affirmations, creative visualization, dreams and Reiki. Also searching for answers has taught me how to gather information. For instance, when deciding to move to Portland, Oregon, I had to figure out where to begin. I found many people do not know how to begin to gather information. This stops them from many projects, including not making that first step toward their dreams.

As I continue to learn about life, I find more positive experiences and people entering my life. Pieces of the puzzle are coming together. Through knowledge and wisdom gained from the diversified trials and dramas in my own life, I assist people in learning how to create positive creations, not destructive ones. Avenues have opened in my life to share the information I have learned. It is my sincere desire to be a part of promoting and distributing informational resources to assist others in their everyday life.

Mary Mraz is a Personal Growth Advisor and Reiki Practitioner. She can be reached at or 503-626-3286.