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Celebrations Community Church is Changing its Format

We will now be meeting in the Beaverton home of Rev. Arehn McCarty on Wednesday nights at 6:30 PM. This Wednesday study group will be taking the place of our Sunday morning Services.

Celebrations Community Church is a non-denominational spiritual community. We encourage each person to establish his or her own relationship with God. By going within, we can receive guidance that no one else can access for us.

We celebrate the fact that there are many paths to God. Science has now proven that people learn in different ways. Some learn visually, some by physical action, some by hearing. Since this is true doesn't it makes sense that it would benefit the world to have different methods to learn about God? Each religion touches its members in ways that help them to understand God more fully. We therefore support any community or religion that helps people feel closer to God and welcome people from any path to join us in our exploration.

We will be gathering on Wednesday nights to share our thoughts and questions about spiritual matters as well as to study spiritual texts. Rev. Arehn McCarty will also lead the group in mediation based on the evening's topic. The third Wed of each month will be a celebration of music and community, as we have a potluck and join in singing with guest musicians.

For more information call Rev. Arehn McCarty at 626-9652.