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Check Out this Angel!
by Mara Leah Stone

Wings International is currently on a three-month-long tour across the country bringing the wisdom, integrity and love of Angel Nathanael to as many places as possible. Although not many have heard of Nathanael - who resides in the Seraphim along with his brothers Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and eight others - once you meet Nathanael, you won't forget him! Nathanael means "gift from God," and he is lord over the element of fire. In the Seraphim he is the protector of God's light and it's his tunnel that guides the soul home once it drops the body. It is Nathanael's energy that helps you to transform consciousness from the limited self to the vast, Eternal Self as your being releases misconceptions that you are separate from God.

Nathanael is a very "down-to-earth" angel who gives practical tools to use that can be life altering. Wings International offers seminars and workshops based upon Nathanael's teachings, including "What's Your Worth??? Since You're Priceless!!!" (which will be offered at Crystal Heart in Beaverton), "D.N.A.G.: Direct Neuro-Access Guide - Soul Lives versus the Genetic Pool," and "Channeling: Gateway to Reality" to name a few.

In addition, a private session with Angel Nathanael often generates the comment from clients, "How did he know that?!" Many times he answers questions before they're asked. With compassion, wisdom and integrity, Nathanael offers what you want to know and what you need to know to create the life that you desire.

Angel Nathanael also has given us a new healing modality called "Body Foundation Restructuring.'' He offers both healing sessions and healing classes in this modality, which balances all of the energy grids in the body through hands-on healing, healing body therapy, inner-child work, acupressure, herbal remedies and other techniques. We call it the Healing Modality for the AscensionTM.

Nathanael's channel, Chas M. Stone (who Nathanael calls "the large vessel") is an outgoing, people-loving executive chef who also "happens" to be one of the most psychic people around. He was blessed with a mother who encouraged his ability to see auras, taught him mental telepathy, and showed him how to elevate up and out of his body to escape the taunts of playmates at the age of six. So, the gift of trance channeling is a natural extension of his lifelong out-of-body travels. He is in total trance during a session and doesn't recall anything that has transpired, providing clients with total privacy.

Wings International has a mission, which is "To open the world to a new reality by creating unity through live, honor and respect for all humanity." We are very fortunate to have Angel Nathanael with us to guide the way.

Angel Nathanael will be available for private sessions November 10th through November 17th at Crystal Heart in Beaverton. He will also offer a seminar, "What's Your Worth??? Since You're Priceless!!!" at Crystal Heart on Friday night, November 12th from 7 to 9:30 PM. Please call Crystal Heart at (503) 520-0404 for session rates and to schedule an appointment.