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Bring In The Clowns!
De-Stress & Nourish the Spirit
Anna Abraham interviewed by Miriam Knight
Clown in a Hat
by Katherine Pennington

Stepping through the doors of REGENERATE, on NW Everett and Broadway, is like entering a different dimension. You look through the large windows at the busy street, but all you hear is the soothing splash of water. Gazing around at the brick walls displaying an amazing exhibition of paintings by local artist, Katherine Pennington, you realize that this healing center is not just for the body – it is for the soul. Time seems to stand still as your senses absorb the atmosphere. Anna Abraham’s new center defies categorization. It is both a leading edge healing center and a dynamic cultural arts center featuring artists from every medium and cultural tradition. This unusual combination gives new meaning to the term, “The Healing Arts.”

Anna Abraham, the visionary dynamo behind REGENERATE, admits she is a woman on a mission. With some 35 years of accomplishment in both the healing and cultural arts, Anna’s talent for fusing them together is part of the alchemy that makes REGENERATE so unique. For her they are inseparable. Anna explains, "They are spirit-generated synergistic energy fields designed to inspire and nourish us on our journey...the journey of the soul. I can't imagine living without the stimulating vibrations of music and the arts. For most artists they are the elixir of the soul. Combined with the healing arts they magnify our ability to connect with the universal creative life force. It is no mystery why so many artists are also involved in the healing arts." Anna finds it intensely satisfying to note that the center has become a magnet for both.

"As a sculptor I find the process of releasing a form from the clay of the earth magical. The transmutation of energy and matter into form is the energy dynamic of the universe. Creating REGENERATE is part of the same magic. It began as a vision and materialized as a multidimensional energy hologram. The center is a place where people from all walks of life can elevate their consciousness and explore their energy potential."

At least a dozen artists who live and work at Everett Station Lofts have contributed to the appealing charm of the center. The seven-foot walk through water fountain is a collaboration between artist Jordan Geis and Anna. Jordan's ultra contemporary glass and metal furniture and REGENERATE's very hip sign are part of the multiple design elements Anna has woven into the eclectic charm of the center.

It is no surprise that REGENERATE has attracted a group of highly distinguished and skilled practitioners in the healing and spiritual arts. It will be offering Transpersonal and Craniosacral therapies, acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, massage, Reiki and various Energy Medicine techniques and intuitive readings. The center also offers a wide variety of alternative healing classes and workshops including rebirthing, hypnotherapy, past life regression, meditation, Qigong, psychic development and other metaphysical studies.

REGENERATE has several totally unique elements including Anna's Energy Testing & Adjustment Technique using intuitive energy testing and "Young Living Essential Oils," as well as wonderful juice and mineral cocktail that she devised that gave me a terrific boost.

One of my favorite bits is the "REGENERATION CELL" which arose out of the collaboration between Anna and Artist Kirk Woods. It even surpassed her own expectations and is a must try. "If all you have is 15 minutes, we can dissolve your stress, generate a state of harmony and recharge your energy. So many of us are moving too fast, stressed and with no time to take care of mind, body and spirit. The 15-minute REGENERATION CELL responds to this fast paced life style and reminds us to care for body and soul. The center is a place where everyone can feel comfortable and restore their energy." This is the heart of Anna’s mission.

"If we are to survive the age of technology and emerge as a spiritually evolved species...we need to attend to our spirits, individually and collectively. We are birthing an era that is transforming the planet, and the pace is sometimes overwhelming. To accomplish this we must continue to develop our awareness and take command of our own energy. The collective psychic strain associated with a quantum leap of this magnitude has to be acknowledged and consciously managed. " Anna believes energy centers similar to REGENERATE will become an integral part of the healing arts landscape.

REGENERATE’s stylish ground floor space is ideal for cultural events such as its two monthly showcases, "Dialogues With Interesting People" and "Salon Wednesdays," while the private rooms upstairs offer a serene ambiance for the healing arts. It is just five blocks from the new Classical Chinese Garden on Everett.

Anna sees her fusion of the arts and healing as continuing in traditions established by such pioneers of Portland's Healing Arts Movement as naturopath, Dr. Tori Hudson and New Renaissance Book Store. "Portland has evolved into a dynamic energy center for the Healing Arts whose practitioners have inspired and expanded a new awareness. The overall movement is raising the collective consciousness of the city and beyond. REGENERATE is another piece of the healing arts paradigm. The center reminds us of the infinite potential in the healing arts and the inspiring role they are meant to play in the realm of evolutionary consciousness. If REGENERATE compliments and enhances the inspiring strides that have already been made, we will have accomplished our mission."

REGENERATE, 625 NW Everett # 110, Portland, OR 97209; Tel: (503) 274-1897

Fax: (503) 827-8324. Website: www.ReGenR8, e-mail: