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by Aja

Nothing is permanent in the way that you think. You assume that you have consistency or constancy, but it is an illusion. It is a very big illusion. Look! Look closely! Your entire life is built around an idea or assumption that you are something real. The body, the mind, thoughts, feelings and even the 'I' itself are only passing fancies. There is nothing consistent there.

If you are willing to let go (how does a non-entity let go?) you will find only the aliveness of consciousness - the expression of the Almighty dancing in a million, million particles of light. No person. No one thing experiencing other things. Only the inexpressible Absolute, dancing its dance. I (who do not exist) wish that I could somehow express clearly and totally what this is. It is the most remarkable feeling - the most beautiful Being - and yet there is no one here to experience it.

Recognize that everything that you think you are is just a thought. The body is impermanent. The thoughts come and go. The sense of self is only a sense. There is nothing of 'You' left after that. There is only happening happening. That is the freedom - freedom to pretend to be watching or participating in the expression called life. It is far, far more and far, far less than you could ever conceive of. There is ABSOLUTELY NO ONE HERE.

Love & Blessings,


A new 150 Page book, Teachings on the Nature of Reality by Aja, is now available from the ATMA Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to the direct recognition of Absolute Awareness. It includes Right Now, Searching After Truth and most of the Spiritual Sharings from the last year and a half.

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