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Coming Times
Part One
by F. Joseph Montagna

If you knew that there was an adventure to help you remember your inherent wholeness and life-giving spiritual essence, would you be willing to start exploring it? If you recognized that there was a specific location on the planet that could give you greater energy to awaken to higher consciousness, would you go there? If you understood that a Holographic Computer was recording your every thought and deed, would you become more focused on living a positive life? If you realized that Earth is a vulnerable living being, what would you do to protect her? If you saw today’s misguided values as similar to those that destroyed earlier civilizations, what would you do? If you believed that your negative thoughts and emotions were keeping you from becoming an Ascended Master, would you be willing to make some necessary changes? Would you fearlessly try to overcome your challenges if they provided the opportunity for you to grow in strength and courage? If you knew that you came to Earth to help initiate a spiritual revolution, would you join with others to accomplish this cherished goal?

The following revelations by Archangel Michael are extremely important to all of us as we enter this extraordinary time of change. As the 21st century comes into reality, various changes of a political, social, ecological and an economical nature will occur, and to many of you, these will seem traumatic and chaotic. However, Archangel Michael cautions you not to see it this way. Whenever a new era comes to pass, all of you who exist on the planet must experience these changes in order to create a new way of living. For you, this means an extraordinary era of time when many will uplift to a state of Cosmic Universal Consciousness, during which the human mind will accelerate and learn to utilize the higher etheric laws of knowledge. This is a remarkable opportunity for the souls who are awakening now to demonstrate their self-mastery and self-sovereignty.

Many of you are here from eons ago, and you have returned once again to pioneer the positive use of the higher technologies for these coming times. You have come to Earth to use these higher ways of thinking and these technical devices in total spiritual balance in order to create peace, rather than using these devices in a negative manner. Although humanity’s mind has been greatly limited, there are those of you who will again use your minds to create a higher vibratory pattern in your bodies. This achievement will allow you to accelerate and transcend the limitation of your Earth body, and thereby advance into a physical-etheric body when the time is appropriate.

The changes that have been happening, and that will continue to happen, are for the purpose of helping you balance your attitudes within the two polarities of the positive and negative. Since you have free will and choice given to your soul, you must choose which direction you will go during this time on Earth when the predominant nature contains much negativity. This negativity comes from those who want to control, manipulate and utilize fear tactics through mind-programming strategies. Although the Creator provides humanity with free choice regarding the direction it will go, from a spiritual standpoint, one cannot control or manipulate another soul. Freedom gives humans the choice to grow within its own evolving doorway of spiritual progress. Nonetheless, the dominant world leaders at this time do not follow this universal law. These negative leaders practice manipulation for self-gain and control over the populace in many different nations.

Now is the time of testing for everyone in order to determine your spiritual commitments. All inhabitants on Earth are, and will be, undergoing various levels of change within the political, financial, ecological and social areas of their lives as part of their spiritual process. These changes are designed to call forth the soul purpose of each of us, and return humanity back to God. All people are undergoing an acceleration of the mind, including the necessity of changing their attitudes. Humanity must turn itself back toward the Creator, or be delayed in its advancement.

There are too few individuals in the highest office of all governments who are not now entrapped in many uncaring principles and activities. The majority of our leaders have succumbed to the seduction of money and power. There are a few blessed leaders who will not succumb to these lower desires, because they do care and are earnest in their endeavors to stand for a noble cause or principle. Yet even those with great honor and integrity, when outnumbered, may grow weary in the perseverance of their cause.

When turmoil exists in the populace of cities or nations, whether it is one individual or a group, that chaos can be used for the positive result of turning each person towards greater spiritual endeavors. It is an opportunity to drop our prejudices and self-importance, and begin to perceive each other in love and oneness. This coming time of purification on Earth provides a magnitude of tests in order to release the negative behavioral patterns associated with greed, control and manipulation.

Political Power

There is a group of powerful people in your world who basically control the major decisions of your planet. They only represent 2% of the entire world population, yet they control all political, industrial and financial institutions; most natural resources; the monopolies of corporate power, including most major communication systems in broadcasting, television, satellites and computers; and most civil and judicial systems that maintain the law. Suffice it to say that a few rich and powerful individuals control most countries and people through financial manipulation (“banksters”). These loveless ones, whom Archangel Michael calls the “central manipulators”, hold the major resources of most countries in order to control their financial empires. These people do not care about humanity, except for those that they can use for their own self-gain. Their ultimate goal is to control and enforce their will upon the entire planet. Even as we speak, they are researching and exploring the establishment of other colonies in this solar system.

I remind you again to be alert and awake to the central manipulators, to the one world committee’s advancing power to create a global governing system on planet Earth. Through the creation of such a system, the central manipulators would be able to control all the people throughout your world, especially those they consider to be problematic or difficult—which would encompass the larger sections of the population. History has proven that the majority of people can be controlled through their emotional desires and materialistic cravings. These loveless beings are making great efforts towards taking away your personal privacy through the vast power of the supreme computer system (“the beast”) that now exists in your world, for it has the capability of electronically tracing everything you do in order to ultimately take away your privacy and freedom.

If all of the above is true, then what is my responsibility as a light worker? Those of you who believe in the light must realize that unless you claim your rightful power as citizens of Earth and confront this group’s negative activities, then you are allowing negativity and control to expand into greater darkness. Light workers and citizens throughout the world must stand forth and claim their freedoms, because freedom is necessary for spiritual self-mastery!

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“The Constitution did not give us rights, it just put on paper what we already knew”

“The future that you envision begins with the thoughts that you occupy in the present moment”

“History teaches us that men behave wisely once they have exhausted all other alternatives”

“There is no room in my soul for negative thought”