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A Message to Younger Brother

Delivered by the Mamas Koguis To the Shamanic and Ecological Association of Colombia

 The same sun illumines us
 Your need is my need
 Both of us feel thirst
 Both of us need shelter
 Both of us feel hunger
 Let us be done with our individualisms
 and think of the collective need


We make an urgent call to governments and to all sectors of the planet that they take firm actions regarding these emergency matters, that they do not continue with the models of excessive production, and that they return to the natural law of using only those resources that are necessary for the maintenance of the human species.

Humanity needs to re-establish its original relations with the laws of Mother Nature. For this reason, taking Agenda 21 signed at the Rio de Janeiro convention to be presently the most representative document of a global character for the preservation of the environment, we call for the swift direct application of effective action. We reaffirm, as recognized in Agenda 21. that a cause of the present problems of the planet is the focus on technological development. The indigenous concept of development is based on Original Law, which tells us we should receive the fruits of Mother Earth with an attitude of gratefulness rather than of exploitation. A change of attitude about misunderstood development is urgent. We urge a halt, a pause on the road, in order to reflect and make decisions with more wisdom.

We send a call to governments and scientists all over the planet for an awakening of consciousness and humanity, since we are now in a critical moment, a time of decay in which humanity can make the decision for life or for extinction. We make a special invitation to the scientific community and to multinationals to work in concert to reformulate the model of development.

Nevertheless, in our experience we have witnessed a preoccupation with taking economic advantage of our traditional knowledge. We ask that respect for our peoples be demonstrated by not using our culture and tradition for commercial purposes. Our stay on this planet must not be used for commercial or special interests. For this reason, it is important to guarantee the protection, and to denounce and control the violations associated with patents and brand names, of our knowledge, sacred objects, symbols, names, and biogenetic resources.


In order to continue our work to conserve the environment and to repair affected ecosystems, it is necessary to strengthen our peoples and to facilitate the organization and recuperation of our ancestral territories, especially sacred sites and the so-called archaological sites. For example, in Guatemala, there exist approximately 68,480 places that are today occupied by construction, and in Colombia, an important sacred site, Teyuna -- miscalled the "Lost City" -- is today dedicated to tourist exploitation.

If we may be permitted, we ask that the white man fulfill his own Original Law: the tablets of Moses. End the spirit of domination over other nations and reduce the exploitation of the natural world. What our ancestors left us is for the purpose of generating life, while the inventions of man are made only for facilitating our activities, or even for domination, subjugation, and finishing off. This is why we ask you to reflect on the results of the invention of the great machines. We see that they have destroyed the Earth, the air, the water, and even human life itself. It has become impossible to reestablish the natural course of natural phenomena, and human beings find ourselves condemned to live in a world of suffering and desperation.

It is urgent to work for peace, not just a peace written on treaties, but a real peace born of a new state of consciousness about life -- a peace not only among human beings but also in our relation with the natural world. Otherwise there may be peace among human beings, but there will be no survivors.

May all arise, may not even one or two groups remain behind. For we are all brothers, like fingers on a hand. May the dawn come, may the aurora arrive, may all people have Peace and be happy. Now is the time that this work be finished.

 May they play the great melodies,
 May they play the small melodies,
 May my dancers be set loose,
 May my prisoners be set free.
 They are my valleys, they are my mountains.

We, the Indians who have reunited in UMUMUKUNU (Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta), declare ourselves to be the guardians of peace in all of our territories; and though we have diverse tongues, cosmovisions, and cultural and spiritual practices, we have one single Original Law.

Asociación Chamánica y Ecológica de Colombia. Spreading and supporting the knowledge of the Peoples and cultures of Pachamama [Mother Earth]