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A Heaven on Earth
by Jenka, reviewed by Miriam Knight

“Truth, unlike information, cannot be passed on from one person to another. It is revealed to each of us, according to our individual capacity and willingness to receive it. For some fortunate few, it happens all at once in some dramatic fashion. Most of us, however, get at the Truth in bits and pieces throughout the course of our lives.”

I am glad that Jenka was moved to distill the ‘bits and pieces’ she has accumulated and present a Truth that is unpretentious, compelling and, refreshingly, politically incorrect. She is clearly a woman who has lived life to the full, converted knowledge into wisdom and pulls no punches. Her main message is about how the universe works and how we can use this understanding to transcend our blocks and limitations and achieve “a heaven on earth.”

It all starts with understanding and liking our true self. “Self-love/selfishness is the natural result of accepting ourselves exactly as we are, warts and all. Before we can do that, however, we must first find out who we really are.” One thing we are not is an innocent victim. We are all equal partners in the events in our lives, and we need to take responsibility for them rather than blaming others. Our enemies are really helping us get where we need to go.

The messages in Heaven on Earth have a lot in common with the ones put forth by Eckhart Tolle and John Fallone. She is also saying to live in the now, and explains the mechanics of reality and how we draw to ourselves that which we believe or focus on. “Whatever we are ‘against’ creates more of what we are against. Whatever we are ‘for’ creates more of what we are for. In other words, our focus is replicated.” “The mechanics of wishes are simple. Picture what you want, then let go of it and get out of the way. There is nothing you need to do except stay loose as a goose, with eyes and ears wide open, and follow your promptings.” Jenka writes simply and to the point, illustrating the whole with many interesting anecdotes that all of us can relate to.

Jenka also deals fearlessly with subjects most metaphysical books would run a mile from.

On Protests and Demonstrations she says, “A march on Washington is a lot like mental masturbation. You may feel good, but nothing happened…Real and lasting social change comes only from within, one person at a time. Out environment is a reflection of us. We are the ones who must change. Once we do, our governments will reflect those changes.”

On Homosexuality, she suggests that in some cases it is “the result of karmic retribution. If you abused homosexuals is a prior life, you will be born one and be subjected to the same kind of treatment…In the majority of cases, however, homosexuality is the result of an inability to adapt to a new body of a different gender than one is use to” [from previous lives.]

On Cultural Loyalty she warns that we “must not become so blind that it overrides our sense of Humanity as a whole. Only the individual is valid. Groups of any kind have no legitimate standing with the Universal Light, except to the extent that they benefit individuals.” “If you were an Arab who hated Jews in your last life, you are probably a Jew in your current one… The beauty of our system is that this individual’s hatred of Arabs, will offset his previous hatred of Jews and inadvertently restore balance.”

On Epidemics: “People need diseases as sources of communication, tools of balance, methods of retribution and choices for ending physical life. It is we, not doctors, who choose when and if to heal or when and what to die from.”

Jenka assures us “that life can be pure magic…all we have to do is dare to open our eyes!” This little book will surely be an eye-opener for many.

A Heaven on Earth is available from Jenka Publications, 621 SE Alder Street-Suite 820, Portland, OR 97205. Tel: 503-224-0171 or 888-335-4878. E-mail: