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Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting,
An Interview With Lynn Grabhorn by Connie Hill

Connie: Tell me about yourself.

Lynn: I've worked all of my life. Was raised in Short Hills, NJ, spent most of my adult years in California, founded and ran a successful audio visual company. Then I went into real estate but didn't like opening closets for people so I became a mortgage broker 23 years ago. In the late 80's I moved up to Washington State for a year. Couldn't wait to get back down to California and here I am 13 years later. I was on a spiritual quest and I had just enough money to last a year to get my first book--Beyond the Twelve Steps—written. After the book I looked around and said "so what are you going to do now?" I started my own mortgage brokerage office in my house--lovely office, lovely house, no money coming in. It was really frosting me that after many years on this very, very deep spiritual quest I still wasn't making ends meet.

Connie: I liked what you said in the book about trying everything from affirmations to green tea.

Lynn: Exactly. Why was I still making $30,000 per year? Everybody has their thing and my particular thing was money. So one day a friend called and said, "Oh, Lynn I have these fabulous tapes..." and I nearly hung up on her. She called me the next day and said "you've got to listen to these tapes." The third day she drove them down to me from Tacoma. It was like a cosmic 2 x 4 "WILL YOU LISTEN TO THESE TAPES?" I listened to the tapes and, Connie, within 5 minutes of listening to the first introductory tape my body literally began to shake. I knew I had found the SECRET OF LIFE and I knew I was going to write a book about this information. And here's the fun part - in the 18 months it took me to put together the notes and start the writing, my income increased 830% and has basically stayed there since then. And that ain't too shabby darling!

Connie: Wow!

Lynn: Now my bank account is my barometer. If my bank account goes down, particularly if the balance goes down considerably, all I have to do is look back over the past 2 weeks I can see exactly how I've slipped. I've been complaining about this and that and sure enough it shows up in the bank account. Clear as a bell!

Connie: It's like watching the oil in your car, and when the oil level goes down knowing it's time for a tune-up or an oil change.

Lynn: That's a beautiful analogy.

Connie: I'm really amazed by the 830% increase!

Lynn: That's what happens when we get involved with this very simple but not easy program. We begin to see how negative energy stops the flow. And here is what negative is. Take middle "C" on the piano. Everything below that point is where we usually spend our time. It's the energy associated with grousing, complaining, depression and unhappiness. Above middle "C" has to do with joy, excitement or enthusiasm. It's a higher frequency of energy. And like frequencies attract. It's physics, not woo-woo. We emit frequencies from our emotions and feelings. And "Doesn't everybody do it?" Well, but the point is we don't want to do that anymore. 

Back to the 830%, why did my income increase 830%? Because I worked at getting my frequencies up above middle "C" and as we do we move closer to our source energy. We get inspired ideas and if we are wise enough to follow them instead of "That's foolish, I couldn't do that or where would the money come from?" What happened for me was I was working on book and I started getting an idea. I had always done all of my own loans, packaged them, processed them, everything. The idea came--"There's a better way."

Instead of work, work, working and getting nowhere the idea that came was to have branch offices. And now I have 25 branch offices...

Connie: Do you find that as you are raising your vibration that you are more likely to listen to those ideas?

Lynn: No. Because my knee jerk response is still the old habit, but getting beyond the knee jerk is faster now. Last week I was interviewed on the radio and the guy said, "Well, what you are talking about is that we have to learn how to live in joy." I shook my head and I gently said to him "Can you tell me how to live in joy?" The self-help books give such a broad brush but do not tell you how to do it. 

The point is to learn to do what I call 'flip-switching.' In other words, in the moment that we know that we aren't feeling really spiffy or are grousing at a red light or feeling antsy over something, we need to learn to find something to feel better about. That's what will make our lives become magic.

Connie: As I was thinking about this interview I thought about my 28 year old daughter who has been going on a lot of camping trips by herself. I worry and want to tell her to be careful.

Lynn: Connie, you can't paint on anyone else's canvas. No matter how much you tell her, if you were to, she had her own life plan squared away before she came in to this life. The best thing you can do--and it's the same thing when we are watching horrible stuff on TV like a big earth quake that kills millions of people--the best thing to do instead of sending out the "ain't it awful" energy is send out "It's going to be all right." That's an energy that you are offering your daughter or those in the earthquake that they can pick up or not.

Connie: Lots of people have been feeling very angry this year. How does this work with your program?

Lynn: In the workshop we'll be 'flip-switching" about the anger. Pain, discomfort and anger are the most common addiction known to humans. These are just an addiction, a habit, which we can break. So many people have written and asked how does one maintain the enthusiasm? My next book will talk about flip-switching.

Connie: It's about repetition.

Lynn: That's exactly it. Just like a 12-step program, one day at a time. One of the other things we are going to do in the workshop is to look at the 30-day plan at the back of the book; it is really difficult. But it is what a person needs to get the process going.

Connie: One of the stories in Excuse Me, Your LIFE Is Waiting I loved was the story about the renters who weren't paying their rent. 

Lynn: I was in a feel-bad place. I had to find a way to take my focus off of those feelings. Remember, whatever we focus on with emotion two things happen. One, it gets bigger and two, it draws that energy to us. Which is why you want to keep your focus off your daughter--see her having a good time. So, what I was doing was focusing on those kids with great anger, resentment and fear. The period of their not paying rent went longer and longer until I finally realized what I was doing because I was working on the book. It was such an everyday thing, not like the end of the month when I went into terror and panic. It was just the every-day gnawing that everybody does.

I finally realized that it was getting worse by my focus; I was sending out emotionally charged low frequency vibrations. I took myself off to the health club and it was later that day that they came to me and said they had discovered a way to start to knock away at the rent. As long as we focus on what we don't want we keep it in the energy field around our body. So we need to switch that vibration from a “don't want” to a “want!” And we need to find a way to do it right now. Not just a “live in joy.” I needed real, practical steps to make this process work and I share these steps with others in my book.

Connie: Thanks, Lynn. 

Lynn Grabhorn, author of best seller, "Excuse Me, Your LIFE Is Waiting," will be presenting an afternoon workshop utilizing the principles in her book at New Renaissance Bookshop on January 27, 2001. Call New Renaissance Bookshop, 503-224-4929 for information or to register.

Connie Hill works at New Renaissance Bookshop and is a local astrologer. She can be contacted at 503-291-8229, ext. 2 or