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Choose Your Own Creation!
Sponsored by Erotec Group

We invite you to participate in a body/mind/spirit process that helps you manifest the integration of your authentic true self with the Quantum Soup’s Principles of Creation

The secret to building the life, health, relationships and wealth you desire is to get your subconscious mind and its emotions in alignment with the workable principles of the universe.  The master key to alignment is practicing enjoyable techniques that follow the mind/body/spirit’s inherent creative and responsive tendencies.  Much like the love, power and bonding process demonstrated in the movie Horse Whispers, we will help you choose a new relationship with your Authentic True Self that can and will manifest miracles in your life.

This process is based on both new discoveries and ancient wisdom.  For example, recent research has documented that high emotional intelligence is a much greater predictor and contributor to happy, successful and fulfilling lives than IQ or education.  This research has shown that people with excellent subconscious and emotional programming have a brain, body and spirit that is serving them because their feelings and their unconscious tapes are in alignment with the workable principles of the universe.

Likewise, the human mind cannot make a decision or follow a plan without the “emotions” because it is emotion that gives “value” or “weight” to all the factors.  Emotional responses are often triggered without even consulting the rational brain for reality, rationality or reliability.  What is even more significant is that subconscious programming often triggers emotions, makes assumptions and influences responses out of tapes and associations that one might deny or not agree with on a conscious level.

This internal conflict between our subconscious programming and what we desire to create in our lives causes stress that can manifest as, for example, illness or escape rituals, such as addictions or life-draining relationships.

Most people assume they can think, talk or do their way to change, but this is a slow, ineffective process.  People can be in therapy for months or years to no effect because they don’t change the beliefs, rules and most importantly the emotional programs of their subconscious mind.   Fundamental change is not about understanding. Many people understand but do not change.                                               

For true change, you must start with the alignment of your Authentic True Self, your subconscious tapes and beliefs and your emotional program energy.  The second step involves the interaction of your integrated self and your intentions with the power and principles of the universe.  This is a divine and profound process.  When you have full possession of your own mind in alignment with the principles of creation, you will manifest what appear as miracles.  This creation process is actually the demonstration of your intrinsic genius working in concert with your emotional energy and the incredible and miraculous Quantum Soup.

The first and most crucial step in learning to do this creation is to tell yourself the truth.  This appears to be self-evident but is not often the case. This is because our minds have been conditioned and blocked by society, peers and parents not to see, not to hear, not to ask and not to test.  The human mind cannot  “see” something until it is trained to see it. 

We have developed a powerful set of tools to train your mind to circumvent subconscious blocks and to link your conscious intentions to your subconscious mind. The questions, clues and tests we would like you to try with us are described below and build on this natural quest.  The net result of these techniques is that you choose full possession of your own mind and actually orchestrate your own emotions.  Your natural creative spirit genius takes over and links to the Quantum Soup, silently manifesting miracles of your most cherished desires and intentions.  It is so simple and so divine.

Our feed back from people we know who have used these materials has been overwhelmingly positive.  We are now seeking individuals who choose to test and improve these powerful creation techniques for future applications.  There are currently two options being offered. 

1.  The Pocket Date Guide:  A list of 14 clues on people you are dating, intend to date or would like to date.  The clues are very revealing and excellent for self-protection and potential mate selection.  You will be contacted by mail or phone and asked for a short response about your satisfaction, ideas and benefits from this material.  This Pocket Date Guide is highly recommended for children or friends who are dating.  Your feedback is optional.  Send $2.00 to Pocket Date Guide c/o “Erotec” at PO Box 6557, Portland, Oregon 97008. 

2.  People Clues & Clues to a Great Mate: Receive detailed insights into subtle clues that reveal the subconscious patterns and hidden intentions of others and dramatically illuminate your radar system.  This offer includes two (2) comprehensive booklets: #1 “People Clues”- oriented to outside or business relationships.  #2 “Clues to a Great Mate” - provides tremendous benefits and understanding of both you and your mate or potential mate.  The Pocket Date Guide will be sent when you return the questionnaire.  Regular price for all three is $33.95.  Your Cost: $15.00.  You will be asked to fill out a 7-minute questionnaire on this material and how you have been affected and helped.  You and the other participants will be invited to a no-cost evening group meeting with leaders in manifesting self-change and the developers of this material.  We will share our experiences with MasterMind Groups and co-creation alliances.  Send $15.00 to Creation Clues c/o “Erotec” PO Box 6557 Portland, Oregon 97008.