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Staying Grounded on the Spiritual Path with Dreamwork
by Shannon Pernetti

How do you know you are staying grounded on the spiritual path? Especially as you dip closer into the Self, the ego can easily mistakenly identify itself as the Self - inflation sets in, and the guidance you receive is contaminated. The messages you harvest from your dreams can keep you honest. Your dreams are much closer to the real you than your conscious self will ever be. Only 7.3% of our being is consciously available, the larger 96.7% we can tune into through the declarations of our dreams.

The ego is a tricky guy and can disguise itself to look and sound like your Higher Self. As an example: A shamanic student dreams of his Power Animal, Eagle, swimming after his family and attacking them in the water. In examining the dream, he realized that he was using his spirituality to feel superior to his family. Since, in this dimension Eagles don’t swim or usually attack people, his Higher Self was attempting to get his attention with this communiqué - Hey Mister, you’re on the wrong road, barking up the wrong tree. Come down from there!

Another example: Excited about a new spiritual teacher and deciding when to go to seminars with him, a practitioner dreamed a series of dreams where this particular teacher was doing dishonest acts and asking the practitioner to join him. In great dismay, the practitioner decided this was not the teacher for him. His ego and conscious mind were very excited about the relationship, but his Higherness held a different opinion clearly expressed in his series of dreams--Not a good idea! This is what it will be like!

On an opposite note, a practitioner was having great trouble with her spiritual teacher, feeling unheard and untrusting and was considering leaving. Her dreams offered her an experience with her teacher that left her knowing she could trust her teacher but not her ego’s version of events!

There are many places in spiritual practice where our patterns want to stay in charge and will begin to distort the relationship with the teacher in order to keep the status quo. Even Arjuna in the Bhagadvad Gita went through this with his teacher, Krishna. Our dreams are an invaluable source of truth to walk this razor’s edge.

Occasionally we all wake up from a wham bam powerful dream that has had a profound effect - Its feeling seems to continue throughout the entire day. Your Higher Self has really landed with both feet in that dream. Do you know how to unfold your dream messages? Would you like to learn?

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