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The Cosmically Resonant Communities
by Wm. H. Kötke

We live in a dynamic material world. From atoms to galaxies, everything within time and space cycles. Everything responds to vibration and polarity.1 In an interesting experiment one can place sand on the head of a drum and then strike different notes and tones. The resonating drumhead will cause the sand to assume different specific forms appropriate to each tone. This is a simple illustration of the cosmos that produces material form from the "music of the spheres" in which the finer energies create and shape the more gross, and the smaller control the larger.

Physicists who study electron spin resonance find that each substance has a specific tone as one can see in the octave nature of the table of elements.

We in the Here and Now of the year 2000 are set within a specific tone of history. The tempo of our cycle and vibration is increasing. One of the great cycles of our earth is the Procession of the Equinoxes in which the "wobble" of the poles describes a great circle every 26,000 years. Although there is no "end or beginning," there are those who see us as completing a great cycle and entering a new Age of Aquarius, elevating to a new octave.

The Cloud of Ideas Expands

As our present cycle began to develop, human consciousness began to expand. Humans who were focused in the material world began to become more efficient in exploiting the energy of the planet. Agriculture and herding of animals were adopted which enabled humans to extract more, depleting the soil with agriculture and denuding the watersheds with overgrazing.

Military/agricultural empires developed in China and in Central Asia. In China a vast temperate-zone forest was leveled and the yellow loess soils eroded to the extent that the ocean nearby began to be called the Yellow Sea. At the same time on a higher octave of human consciousness the I Ching (Book of Changes) was produced by that culture.

As what we would now call military dictatorships developed - the empires of Sumer, Babylon, Greece, Rome, etc., they continued their ecological despoliation in search of material security. Other events occurred on a higher octave. The Remarkable Essene communities developed in the mid-east, a whole culture developed in Tibet dedicated to expansion of consciousness and in Meso-America the Mayans were developing a calendar who's accuracy was not surpassed until the recent development of the atomic clock.

Tempo Increases Toward Cycles' Completion

In the past two centuries the expansion of human consciousness has greatly increased judging from our ability to receive and generate new ideas.

As many have observed, the flood of inventions in the last two hundred years has done little to alleviate the basic condition of human life on earth. In fact it seems the more "labor saving" devices, the less personal time and happiness we have.

The flood of knowledge and inventions has allowed humans to more efficiently mine the life of the earth and support more population. We catch more fish from the ocean, cut more forests, mine more topsoil, use the finite supply of petroleum faster and fly to the moon in a metal cylinder. In the Hindu view we are headed toward the bottom of the cycle of the Kali Yuga, the most gross depths of material vibration. In tune with this, science has reached right down into the basic energy of the material world, the atomic field, to kill and to power more in search of material security.

The Intuitive Response

As the polarities widen within the material world, there has been a completely intuitive response and rain of ideas. This development also has to do with the manipulation of energies but with a direction toward healing and unity of our whole existence. These new creations have spontaneously come from all directions in the fields of energy medicine (holistic health), reconstituting the disintegrating human society with intentional communities2 and new forms of primary human family relationships. We have also created new forms of how we eat from the earth and occupy it without injury, through such new practices as Permaculture,3 Biointensive Farming4 Biodynamic Agriculture,5 seed saving and the saving of biodiversity by growing out endangered plants on one's land. We have also created new forms of human habitation on the earth with all of the alternative methods such as straw bale, solar, and natural wastewater systems.6

As the tempo of vibration increases we have also opened up more direct channels into the ocean of consciousness. In the Eighteen hundreds there was the explosion of Theosophy and also of intentional spiritual communities. Then came the New Thought movement centered on Science of Mind. Then there were the many intuitive spiritual books; then well-known spiritual channels began to appear. Now channeling from spiritual realms is spreading through the population.7

The newest and so far most exciting development to occur has been the growth of many dozens of ecovillages around the planet. These communities are organized into the Global Ecovillage Network8 and are pointed toward complete ecological sustainability.

No Further Experiments Necessary

We now have the idealized form of future existence not only in space/time but also resonance into other levels in the ocean of consciousness. Health, habitation, food, intimate society, species conservation and spiritual contact have been demonstrated. John Jeavons and the Ecology Action group near Willits, CA have demonstrated how to grow enough food on one thousand square feet to feed one person forever. Nancy and Jack Todd have demonstrated at The Ark how to create a living habitation that will heat and feed us. The many hundreds of intentional communities in the U.S. have demonstrated how to create new human society. The step now is for us to put this into action on a large scale.

Communities of Harmonious Resonance

We are creating those islands of life, those cosmically resonant communities whose etheric, astral and physical images will become the new seed in the next cycle in whatever vibrational dimension. Like an antenna communicating with levels of consciousness outside of space/time, those seeds can be informed of the appropriate direction.

A seed community existing on a watershed that they have restored to biological health through Permaculture and the saving of endangered species, can establish a resonant foundation within the living body of the earth. Using Feng Shui and advanced dousing methods to understand the lines of earth energies, the natural landscaping can be put aright. The idea of course is that all resonate harmoniously so that the human community re-presents the life of the planet to the cosmos so that the necessary planetary and cosmic currents can be attracted to produce the creative ideas - so that we may have a future.

Those who suck up the life of the earth grasping for material security use the flood of ideas for their purposes. We communities who are appropriately grounded within the life of the Whole have the opportunity of stepping out of the poles of opposites that exist within space/time. We may put our antennas into the ocean of consciousness and receive the truly creative and cosmic ideas.

By Wm. H. Kötke, author of “The Final Empire: The Collapse of Civilization and the Seed of the Future,”Arrow Point Press, pub

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