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More and more we are hearing about socially responsible investing and ecologically responsible investing and ecologically responsible business. The wholistic approach to industry and commerce now puts more than the customer or the stockholder first: happy employees make happy customers and improves the bottom line. A new appreciation for the impact a business has on the planet and all of nature is combined with a team approach to improved relationships between customer, employee, management and investor.

Business Network sponsors a weekly 7:15 AM breakfast meeting every Thursday at the Willamette Athletic Club, 4949 SW Landing Drive, in John's Landing. All meetings cover real estate and small business issues. Presentation and breakfast is $8.00 for guests and visitors, coffee $3.00, free parking. For more information contact moderator, John Poling at 503-810-8382 or write P.O. Box 8608, Portland, OR 97207.

Our mission is to develop our evolving businesses to achieve harmonious alignment with our surroundings.

Thursday, November 2nd

REAL ESTATE ROUND TABLE. John Poling (503-810-8382) will host a discussion about real estate investment, development, remodeling and new construction. He has 40 years' experience in the Portland market. Learn about recent trends, tax tips, mortgage options and buy/sell/trade criteria. Bring your questions and ideas and join the panel discussion every first Thursday of every month.

Thursday, November 9th

The Answer Man, Don Robbens (503-297-2000), has a vast knowledge in the areas of real estate investment and tax free exchanges. He has put a great deal of his real estate and investment information on his web site at Don't miss this informative experience and presentation. Bring your questions and friends.

Thursday, November 16th

Sociocybernetics for Success, James Holmes, Ph.D. Norbert Weiner derived the term "cybernetics" from a Greek word meaning "steersman," which was also the ancestor of the word "governor." His book Cybernetics was published in 1948 and is considered to be the basis for the relatively new science of control by communication. Control, as used here, is about staying on course to accomplish goals. The above topic is about establishing business goals and staying on course to attain financial success. Jim has been a friend and member of the Business Network for many years. He was formerly a financial administrator for the Portland Public School System.

Thursday, November 23rd

Closed for Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 30th

International Banking. Frank Haley (503-761-4324) is an international investor and an expert in offshore investing. He will have ideas and answer questions about those questionable offshore banks. Frank has traveled extensively and investigated many offshore banks and met with their officers. Get it right from the source.

Thursday, December 7th

See November 2nd for program information.

Thursday, December 14th

Selecting Your Business Partner by Jeff Carl (800-206-5836), author of a new program to help you choose partners in your business and personal relationships. Scientific tests show that the human mind cannot make a decision without the support of subconscious emotions which may have old programming. This conflict can cause stress, fear, sickness, depression, mood swings, anxiety and even pain, which can lead to dysfunctional behavior. Most people assume they can think or talk their way to change. This is an ineffective process since the subconscious mind works faster than the brain can think. Come take Jeff's test and join the discussion.

Thursday, December 21st & 28th

Closed for the holiday season.

Thursday, January 4th

See November 2nd for program information.

Thursday, January 11th

A New Concept in Building Community Houses, presented by Jim Nations (503-631-8781.) He has spent years designing the "Nations Living System" of co-housing in a green house principle. The discussion will be around construction, architecture, and financing. Guest presenter will be Robert Shivley, the architect on this project.