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New Research Links Breathing and Oxygen to the Elimination of Disease
by Dr. Judith Kravitz

Why, when we can go months without food and days without water, do we die in just a few minutes without oxygen?  Haunted by this question, Dr. Samuel West D.N., N.D. has spent the past 25 years researching the important role of oxygen in our system.  In trying to understand the mechanism, his research led him to a far more important discovery.  Whereas the absence of oxygen leads to disease and eventually death, an abundance of oxygen can virtually cure all disease. 

Dr. West, the founder of The World Wide Blood Protein Research Society based in Orem, Utah, has relentlessly pursued his theories for over 25 years. In his long journey to understand the nature of disease he was led to important information carefully tucked away in obscure books and medical journals. He spent years thoroughly testing his ideas.   His recent book The Golden Seven Plus One from Samuel Publishing, documents the complete healing of many major physical illnesses through the oxygenation of the body.  This information had been hidden for many years, perhaps intentionally suppressed by those with vested interests.  Dr.. West asks wryly, “Will people do the research that will put them out of business?”

Transformational Breathing is a healing process that delivers vast amounts of oxygen to the system. For over twenty years I have witnessed multitudes of physical healings and disease remission without fully understanding why this happens.  Now, after listening to Dr. West’s tapes and reading his remarkable book, I finally understand the scientific reasons for such occurrences.

In  1980, the media announced that by 1982 one out of every five people will die of a serious disease.  By 1986 that figure changed to one out of every three and by 1990 the statistics showed that one half of us would have a major disease when we died.  Now in the year 2000 that figure has risen to 9.8 out of 10.  According to Dr. West this means we are well on our way to the total destruction of the human race.  Never has the need to learn how to eliminate disease been so urgent and essential.

Dr. West’s scientific research has led him to conclude that diseases stem from the accumulation of cellular debris, toxins and especially excess fluid in the spaces around the body’s cells.  This prevents the cell from getting enough oxygen to fuel its functions.  This condition comes about when there is both inadequate lymphatic circulation and particularly when there is inadequate intake of oxygen through the lungs.  A cell is quite like a candle flame whose light gets dimmer as oxygen is depleted, and eventually it goes out.  

Dr.. West demonstrated that deep breathing both activates the lymphatic system that flushes the body of trapped proteins and fluids, while the oxygen turns on the sodium- potassium pumps that provide electrical energy for the functioning of the entire body.  Dr. West stated simply that, “If we have oxygen poor blood, we just die…so to be a constantly shallow breather is suicide.”

We can support the healing process within our bodies by learning how to activate our lymphatic circulation, allowing cells to get the oxygen necessary to do their jobs.  Full diaphragmatic breathing, such as what we teach and practice in Transformational Breathwork, is the primary way the lymphatic system becomes stimulated to work effectively.  This explains the intense electrical energy and tingling that most people feel when they do a breathing session. It represents the activation of the sodium-potassium pumps that pull excess water out and allow the cells to receive the “Power” which we commonly refer to in Transformational Breath as the Life Force.

 Over the past two and a half decades, I have witnessed amazing cases where disease and debilitating physical conditions have virtually been eliminated through the breathing.  The information that Dr. West brings us explains thousands of healings I have heard of and witnessed.  This new scientific information will revolutionize medicine, as we know it.  We now have an understanding and God given technology to bring our bodies to a self-healing state, where they can function in wholeness and well-being.

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