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Seven Soul Ray Esoteric Astrology
Going Beyond Love and Money!
by Mark Dodich
Mark Dodich

Have you ever stopped to look at your life and asked, "isn't there something more?" At one time or another, most of people have focused their attention solely on the so-called American dream- satisfying relationships, material comfort, and a chicken in every pot. And when you achieved those admittedly wonderful goals, you probably still felt a little hollow space inside yourself. A place that called for greater meaning to life, perhaps what Abraham Maslow called Self-Actualization.

When you find yourself feeling "there's got to be something more," attaining knowledge of the vibratory frequency of your soul becomes useful.  This knowledge of who you are at the very essence of your being helps accelerate you along the path of your highest soul service. The ancient mystery schools used their understanding of the Seven Soul Rays to help initiates step into a greater expression of their soul. This is the place of increased meaning in life and deeper satisfaction regardless of transitory outer world conditions.

Visualize a bright white light representing the unlimited Oneness of all that is. Pass that light through a prism breaking that light into seven frequencies of vibration, which we see as a rainbow of color. This analogy provides a vivid picture of how your soul gives the illusion of separating from Creation. We never really leave that Oneness; however, we focus our energies through the Seven Rays.

By knowing your personal soul ray (s), you can focus your intention on the constructive aspects of your nature in order to minimize self-defeating behavior patterns. This helps you to magnetize a higher level of life service, improved relationships and joy into your life experience.

A quick look at rays that affect you can be seen through your Sun sign. If you know the sign of your Ascendant and Moon, consider these as well:

  • Aries: Rays 1 & 7
  • Taurus: Ray 4
  • Gemini: Ray 2
  • Cancer: Rays 3 & 7
  • Leo: Rays 1 & 5
  • Virgo: Rays 2 & 6
  • Libra: Ray 3
  • Scorpio: Ray 4
  • Sagittarius: Rays 4, 5 & 6
  • Capricorn: Rays 1, 3 & 7
  • Aquarius: Ray 7
  • Pisces: Rays 2 & 6

Brief meanings of the Seven Rays:

Ray 1: Strengthening Will & Purpose - First Ray souls combine the spiritual and material worlds to create unity. They must release the need to control and manipulate while leading others to a higher purpose. The goal is to release limitations.

Ray 2: Develop Unconditional Love and Wisdom - You must promote universal love by seeing the same spark of Creation within all people (and especially those you dislike or judge.) They learn not to go into excessive self-sacrifice or take on that which is not theirs. The goal is to use spiritual intuition to urge humankind on to goodness.

Ray 3: Active Intelligence and Abstract Mind - Third ray people are translators of the esoteric higher mind into thoughts that can be applied to the mundane world. They learn to understand the significance of the subtlest events. They must avoid intellectual isolation and scattered thoughts. Their goal is to bring the underlying principles of the universe into pragmatic application.

Ray 4: Harmony through Conflict; Creators of Beauty - Through life challenges, fourth ray people find inner balance regardless of outer world chaos. They bring harmony to people, often through mediation or artistic endeavors. They must avoid excessive daydreaming and melodrama. They learn to bring their hidden self out into the open.

Ray 5: Concrete Knowledge and Science - Fifth ray people learn to bring metaphysical concepts into a very tangible reality in the world. They learn systematic methods to use esoteric concepts in a repeatable way. They must be careful not to be overly analytical or skeptical. The goal is to give humanity verifiable ways for spirit to work in the mundane world.

Ray 6: Devotion and Idealism - Esoteric thought suggests that we are now leaving the era of the sixth ray. Sixth ray people focus on a goal and let nothing get in the way. The advantage is that they can achieve deep, spiritual insight and growth. The disadvantage is that they can become dogmatic or be deceived by false prophets (the Jim Jones suicide cult was an example). You must avoid getting lost in psychic tricks and martyrdom. The goal is to develop faith and devoted preparation to an idealistic goal.

Ray 7: Ceremonial Order and Magic - Seventh Ray philosophy suggests that we are currently being initiated into the era of the 7th ray. The work is to transmute, or change, energy of a dark/dense nature into that of a loving light vibration. Seventh ray people must use power and sexuality with great integrity. They learn to become a master magician by manipulating the ethers. The goal is to transform themselves and planet earth into a vibration that recognizes the interconnectedness and single source of all Creation.

If any of the above rays resonated with you as you read it, this could be an indication that you are working with that ray regardless of your astrological Sun sign. Call those rays into your presence during your meditations. There are also esoteric consultations and workshops to help you learn more. This article just skims the surface of the rays. "The Seven Rays" by Alice A. Bailey also provides valuable information.

The Solar Eclipse at 9:22 AM on Dec. 25th will have the West Coast under the influence of the Third Ray. Consider how you might translate higher abstract concepts into your holiday celebrations.

By activating the Seven Rays within your being, and especially those rays endemic to you, increased meaning, fulfillment, and soul service can be maximized in your life expression.

Mark Dodich has been an Astrologer and Intuitive Counselor since 1980. He is past president of the Oregon Astrological Association and provides consultations and workshops internationally. Call for his free newsletter 503.252.1558 or visit his website at