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Key to the Internet

The Community ConneXion Wholistic Resource Guide and Internet Directory is a very unique publication. After months of research into the best way to access the internet and link up to the World Wide Web, we discovered key words as an addition to our own internet address. Key words, when used as an extension of our address, serve to take you directly to the information you are looking for without going to our home page and sorting through sundry menues and files. Information retrieval through direct access gets very exciting.

Microsoft and Bill Gates showed us how to store information, but now there are millions of web pages and zigabytes or zillions of bytes of information are stored, but who knows how to logically access all of that information?

Information retrieval is the next big business in computers. Search engines for every major field of interest are developing. Key words are the way search engines find and deliver information. So we have programmed our internet domain to be key word sensitive. We have assigned a key word or number to every article, account, directory section, calendar of events and every topic of interest to cultural creatives.

Not only can you access an article by topic or a Resource Directory section by number or a specific advertiser by key word name, but they are then linked internally so you can go from directory, to calendar, to advertiser, to web page, to e-mail and then send e-mails from our website and get an immediate reply. Or you can order books on any related subject, or join in a friendly chat with other on-line and like-minded people.

Once our web site makes your computer user-friendly with easy access to all of your favorite information, you will enjoy looking up information sources in our Guide and then following pathways through the internet for the most exciting ride of your lifetime. You can gather information as you ride past waterfalls, hear inspirational messages and discover new healing modalities. You can visit communities around the world or register for your favorite workshop.

The Wholistic Resource Guide is complete with key words that will lead you through our entire directory effortlessly. This simple technique makes internet access fun and easy … and as near as your fingertips. Unlike a telephone directory, the internet allows you to connect with people, visit and leave messages even in the middle of the night without disturbing them, or you can go on-line live and have a conversation immediately. Unlike a print ad, the internet is active and interactive.

If you have an idea, product or service that you want to market … what could be better than sitting on the desktop of your clients? We now offer a Cyber Membership for only $90 annually. This gives you your own key word for immediate access to information about you, your products, your business, your service or practice. This becomes your new internet address or link. This includes a listing in our directory, speakers bureau, and the privilege to submit articles or other information for publication.

We also offer a Navigation Bar for hosting your own web page, email, internal and external links to other products or services that you may choose to connect with. The cost for web page hosting and this Navigation Bar is only $4.95 per month. We will then market your services through search engines, news groups, broadcast media, news lists, and billboards along the internet highway. Your symbiotic relationship with Community ConneXion means that every time we help you, we are helping ourselves too.