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A Tale of Two Women
The unfolding of years held tight the warrior visionary healer and teacher finally stepping,

no leaping, into the world of art and play.

We all have our stories to tell. Each in their own way, heroic. What is so powerful in knowing our story? What is the purpose of telling and hearing life stories? Two women have been asking themselves these very questions.

Carolyn Campbell and Nancy Pagaduan are personal coaches, each helping clients shape their future. "As individuals, we can choose to squelch knowledge of our true purpose in life, or we can claim the gifts that are uniquely ours and bring our whole self to the world," says Carolyn Campbell. "Everywhere you go people are doing …, doing and more doing. Until we stop and ask ‘Who am I?' and ‘What am I here to be/do?' we will continue to revisit the struggles of our past."

Integrating her visual artistry and marketing experience, Nancy helps clients translate their 'offerings' into promotional materials. "My role is to help clients find language that captures the essence of who they are and the spirit of the work they bring to the marketplace."

As a life coach, Carolyn blends her experience in theater, education and art to creatively expand the power of true self expression. Carolyn believes clients are looking to claim their own space, and define their identity. Sound selfish? Carolyn says "No … actually, the more you try to deny who you are, the less self you have to share."

"Losing heart" (burnout) is a condition that many women have in common, but few feel comfortable talking about," says Nancy. "Telling my story, and discovering my long hidden gifts, helped me to heal. By allowing myself to be coached, I am bringing who I truly am, into the world. An added bonus is that, I discovered that by being a coach, I can experience the mutual joy of helping others as they bring their gifts to the world."

"What we have in common as coaches," says Carolyn, "is helping our clients build from the inside out. I work with clients helping them envision what they want and stepping into creating that vision. Nancy helps them create language that defines them, their philosophy and their passion."
In both cases, personal story is key to laying the foundation of clarity of purpose and committing to the work ahead. Both women assert that art, story and play is key to revealing the truth of who we are and creating strategies to live a fulfilling life. If you know someone who is ready to write the next chapter of their life, and make it one of beauty, fun and satisfaction, do them a favor. Suggest they consider hiring a coach. (There are many certified and specialty coaches here, in the Portland area.) We welcome your questions.

Life Coach, Carolyn Campbell, 503.493-1114.
Design and Promotions Coach, Nancy Pagaduan, 503.649-6354.