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Society and Life in the 21st Century
by Jerry W. Decker for KeelyNet

Jerry Decker is a new science pioneer who has one of best web sites on new energy research and development. What follows is an excerpt from a larger piece he wrote entitled "Society and Life in the 21stCentury." This excerpt deals with what we can expect to enjoy by 2026 AD from the inevitable discovery and implementation of:

1) one or more means of producing free energy

2) one or more means of controlling gravity

The full piece, which also deals with health discoveries, can be found on Jerry's web site.

Quite a few changes have occurred in the past 30 years. When orthodox science finally saw the proofs of individual experimenters in achieving reproducible effects by aether/zpe interference, they had no choice but to admit that aether permeates, creates and sustains all energy and matter, opening entirely new vistas for research and technology.

The theories had been around for many years, with lone experimenters producing anomalous phenomena that others could not reproduce because of secrecy, ego or fear. Much discussion occurred within our networks, beginning with meetings of interested people, exchanges of information via the mail, then through computer bulletin board systems, alternative journals and newsletters, small conferences and finally through the InterNet.

The "crack in the egg" initially appeared in the form of a freely shared table top demonstration showing aether/zpe could indeed be collimated and converted to electrical energy. No longer could it be denied that aether/zpe could indeed be interferred with to produce practical results. To my mind, three of the greatest contributors and staunch defenders were Walter Wright, promoter of the "Push Gravity" theory, Moray King, Dan Davidson and Dr. Harold Puthoff.

You see, it is hard to comprehend how gravity can be controlled or resisted when you think of it as an attractive force. However, when you consider it as a wind or pressure pushing all matter together, then we are held to the earth as well as held together by this "wind." It then becomes a matter of diverting the wind around us, which would result in a lessening of weight.

The intial experiments were promising although based on crude electrostatics. As more was learned about just how the interference could be affected, it was found that a simple electronic circuit could be built that would divert the gravity flow around mass to a degree determined by the amount of power applied. Once people actually saw a huge stone being lifted as if it were styrofoam, then were allowed to experience their first ascension using a flightsuit, the world snapped to attention and all hell broke lose.

It was one thing to think about reducing your physical "weight" to one pound or so with a gravity reduction belt, which doesn't hold a candle to actually jumping high into the air, to waft down gently like a leaf, or to actually attach a pair of wings that let you swim through the air. That is the fantasy version — it works but is rather inefficient and slow if you need to get from one place to another — but it is great fun and very relaxing. Most people use a pivoting vibration plate strapped to their back or waist that redirects aether/zpe to provide thrust.

You wouldn't believe the sports and recreations these days. Long duration, incredibly complex gymnastics, aerial baseball, soccer, basketball and football; everywhere you look, there are people and kids wearing flightsuits, flying around without vehicles, just a small solid state aether/zpe deflector to propel them as long as the weather is nice. Speaking of which, weather is now controlled through one global agency, coordinated so that countries have regular rainfall and sunlight. Atmospheric disturbances that produce hurricanes, high winds or tornados are detected and nipped long before they become problems, and people really like how they can plan their activities because the weather is no longer random.

The vast desert regions of the earth are now blooming green with life, food and people. Cities that used to be so packed with people are now sparsely populated, serving mostly as centers of culture, offering a profusion of fun and recreational activities and with only small portions devoted to business and commerce.

Turns out aether/zpe flows function much like Reich's orgone energy, which allows for interconnected networks of weather projectors that increase or diminish the aether/zpe densities over wide areas, thereby precipitating moisture and rain or dispersing it as desired. It was found that this principle of shielding the gravity inflows could be applied to any form of matter for either weight reduction or outright suspension of weight. When you reduce weight, you reduce inertia, allowing mass to take on the characteristics of large bubbles, subject to the slightest thrust.

Aerial accidents just don't happen, as machines using this technology simply bounce off each other if they collide. In fact, when under power, they repel each other. Where the repulsion increases, the closer the masses come to each other. The proliferation of personal flying vehicles led to an entirely new attitude toward transportation. Not only has travel anywhere in the world become fast and efficient, but now colonization and practical space travel are commonplace.

The next big discovery allowed us to tap into the very wheelwork of nature itself, when with a slight modification of the gravity control circuit, we found that this aether/zpe influx can also be slowed down to produce energy, either directly as electricity or simply as mechanical force. Motors are now in common use which do not rely on electrical or magnetic forces, they simply turn, using harmonious flows of force produced by aether/zpe interference. As a result of the use of these aether motors, there are no EM emissions due to the peculiar characteristics of this kind of energy and a great deal of diseases and crippling health conditions with previously unknown causes have simply vanished as these motors came into universal use.

With the advent of gravity control and free energy, people no longer are constricted by lifelines of wire and plumbing to provide them with electricity and water. We simply generate whatever energy we need onsite as it is required, directly from aether/zpe interference circuits. Air wells are also commonly used to provide all the water we need, extracted directly from cooled air and powered by our free energy source.

Devices have long been on the market with their own internal "perpetual" power sources. They work outside or wherever you place them, without needing to be plugged into any powerlines or outside power source. It has become common for folks to live hundreds or even thousands of miles from their workplace because we not only generate all the power needed, but can easily fly from one place to another in a matter of minutes or hours, safely, at will and at very high rates of speed. Global distances have become insignificant because most people have their own flying machines.


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