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Microcosm of Communities Celebrate the New Millenium, by "Kissing and Dancing All Night"
by Nancy Pagaduan

If the New Millenium is be the truly fresh start most of us wish it to be, perhaps we should follow the lead of visual artist, CW Potzz. After looking at her art (paintings), one would have to conclude that World Peace was not meant to be a somber condition, but one full of vibrancy; color and movement; activities of celebration, joy, exuberance and merriment. Yes, "Kissing and Dancing all Night" (the name of her show at the First Avenue Gallery-Portland, during the month of September), would be a fitting way to not only celebrate and herald in the new Millenium, it could be a life style worthy of "dreaming into being."

Worthy of mentioning is this little known fact: several years ago, when Lady Potzz was ill (with life-threatening illness), money seemed scarce. Being realistic and pragmatic, this woman did not go out looking for a job. She did not apply for Social Security benefits, though Lord knows she could have qualified. No, instead, she took up her brushes and began to paint: a few minutes here and there, only to collapse and rest for 4 hours at a time. "Where else could I work such strange ‘hours' and get paid for it?"

Contradicting the "starving artist" image is not all CW (Lady) Potzz is up to. Her art is recognized for its wildly colorful depiction of life. Refreshing, almost Gauguin-like in approach, her newest works could be termed "Fantasia of the Future."

"The following words practically wrote themselves as a prelude to the show:" I think you'll find them richly descriptive of the tone and the theme of the show. "The hot, thick, moist, sensuous frangipani scented air in paradise, breeds a microcosm of communities of natives, gringos, and animals that can live their heritage, their humanity, and their destinies. Back millions of years ago, when on this planet and others ‘Things' that were alive, decided to separate from them selves, to form new bonds and breeds to rule the universe in a way that was no longer conducive to the great joy and happiness that once existed here.In the approaching millenium, and the end of three dimensional universe as we know it, some of these beings have been asked to reclaim their souls and spirits for themselves in an effort to make this transformation as easy as possible for those who have made the decision to stay. These paintings, performed with great love, compassion and heart, are the creation of an artist who in trying to re-connect with her own spirit and soul, found paradise through a seemingly failed portion of humanity in a location that was designed by God as Her prototype of perfection. These paintings are laden with angels and other beings, and represent the positive movement of all of us to reunite with each other and move into the next dimension and into a paradise of our own. Maybe even Heaven on Earth."

Con amor y besos, CW Potzz

"We start out as Angels, then we lose our wings" is the title of one such painting by visionary artist, CW (Lady) Potzz, who discovered paradise last year, and has been celebrating ever since. Bring a friend and immerse yourself in the colors of joyous celebration. ‘First Thursday', Sept. 2nd, First Avenue Gallery. 503.222-3850.

If art can inspire, it can heal. Indulge in a little healing inspiration. It could serve as a reminder to each of us to live in ways that honor ourselves, each other, and all beings. Time off for good behavior, anyone?


Artist, business / promotion coach and writer, Nancy Pagaduan can be reached at 503.649-6354