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Men are God
by Ellie Bramel

In a previous issue of Community Connexion Tom Sullivan postulated "Men are bad, Women are Good." It's o.k. that people have confined themselves to a rigidly structured role. Their opening awareness will bring them transitional opportunities. I have spent a few hours here and there looking at female and male roles. The issue of male and female roles is not black and white.

For many years now the radical feminists have been in the foreground with their position in societies. One of the issues is how men subjugated women and made them subordinate and how men only validated the rolls of the submissive female. I have accessed memories of my own past's lives where women killed other women to stay alive. In the past lives of the many people that I have accessed, the ego based part of our thinking ran through both males and females. It was destructive to all humans, not just destructive to females. So go one step deeper into the unconscious levels of the mind of the past. Much more is there than what is is on a surface.

In this lifetime I have been felt sorry for (and considered weak) by women of the feminist movement. They complain about the rules, then they make more rules. The main reasons they are still in a place of powerlessness is because of their need to blame and play victim. We live in a culture that is always blaming something or someone. The truth is you cannot blame or be a victim and at the same time own personal power. They are opposites. When the feminist's movement was well underway, men started blaming women back. I remember a man who said he could not get a job because women took all the men's jobs. He must have tired of complaining and decided he wanted money because he is now working.

All the time people spend complaining whining, wishing, blaming and playing victim could be used to find what works for them in terms of owning personal power. Personal power is owning that one is the creative force in one's own reality.

Personal power is not judging what is believed to be wrong. It is not hating deep from within. It is not being better because what was done was superior to anyone. And it is not being the most spiritual.

What people know logically and believe on the surface of themselves is more often than not different than programming below the surface of their awareness (the subconscious).

Under the surface of our conscious mind we carry programming that is often out of present time for us. In other words we have programming that worked 10, 20, 100, or even 1000 years ago, but doesn't work today. Beliefs are not just opinions we share with another to compare how our lives are different or similar. Beliefs (unconscious and conscious) determine our physical realities. Beliefs are behind all of our thoughts too.

Why do people argue about life or lifestyle? What is true for you is not always true for me. All that is really needed to change a life is to change a belief. Not just on the surface in the analytical senses but deeper in the spaces of our subconscious. It is not up to me to change you or you to change me. I change my beliefs when I want to change. And you change your beliefs when you want to change.

I consider myself a feminist by my own terms. By the definition of a radical feminist I would be labeled as not doing female correct. Tee-hee, I have a female body. How could I possibly not be doing female correctly? The feminists when rewriting the rules on how to be female overlooked the programming that they resist and deny and cover with a facade like anyone else. Take into consideration that women bought into the belief that men were more powerful. Feminists are sexist, even against their own sex. Their sexism is often on a less than conscious level.

I have had a few lifetimes where I was a sexist male that helped to set up this system. Spirit doesn't die. We shed our bodies and move on. We have all been males; we have all been females. We have all been a part of setting up this system of roles. I'm sure that if any of them were to read this, without

a doubt there would be a few that would make my own personal observation and what is true for me wrong. We live in a society that in order for someone to be right, someone has to be wrong.

Now we have rules on how to be a god or a goddess; it is all part of the learning process of humans. We practice not being something we are against and judge what we are against as if judgment was power. We still have the programming we fight against on a less-than-aware level of consciousness, or why would any subject be an issue? By the way, not to burst any bubbles, all humans are on their path. Subject to change at will. It is ego-based religion that lies and says you are not on your path unless you follow a prescribed method.

Believing you are not on your path is more self-judgement. You have stated that you may have tackled a subject far too complex to try and deal with. You are analyzing, generalizing and judging. Analyzing, generalizing and judging keeps things complex. Those three things will run you in circles. Every time you try to deal with an issue, your outcome will be one of which you will reanalyze, regeneralize and rejudge. We can analyze our way around any belief that no longer works for us in present time. But to really make changes humans need to do more than go around a belief that no longer works in present time. The beliefs need to be consciously accessed and released.

Conscious release is a direct approach to making changes that are desired. We can remove ourselves from being the big victim and move into a space of owning our personal power.

Ellie Bramel Intuitive reader and Healer, 503-306-0814