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Two of Tibet's Most Beloved Masters to Visit Portland
by Paul Levy

The last weekend in September Portland will play host to two of Tibet's greatest and most beloved living masters, Khenchen Palden Sherab Rinpoche, and his brother, Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal Rinpoche. "The Khenpos," as they are affectionately known by their students worldwide, are holders of an ancient, unbroken, living, enlightened lineage. During their visit they will be giving a series of sacred teachings, transmissions and empowerments on the nature of the enlightened mind. Their visit is sponsored by the Portland PadmaSambhava Buddhist Center, which the Khenpos started during a visit to Portland three years ago.

In the Tibetan tradition, the Khenpos are considered to be living Buddhas. One of my other lamas even told me "Everybody (in Tibet, I think he was meaning) knows the Khenpos are enlightened beings." The Khenpo's enlightenment is certainly easy to see. Filled with childlike-wonder and eternal gratitude, they are living, breathing, full-bodied, incarnations of their teachings on compassion, love and joy. It is just a question of do we recognize our own beauty and Buddha nature as reflected through the Khenpos, or will we continue to persist in our present moment activity of contracting against our own light? For to recognize their enlightenment is to see our own face; it activates the same energies of love in us.

This is why it is said that being around and receiving transmission from a genuine guru is dangerous, for the gracewaves of blessings that radiates through them are extremely contagious. Enter their dreamfield at your own risk! For we risk waking up to our true loving nature when around the Khenpos. It is the only game in town. Just tune into the vibration.

The Khenpos appearance in this collective dream of ours here in Portland is a sacred gift that we've all dreamed up for ourselves. Being a living embodiment of our own true nature, they are an open doorway for healing that is available to all who come and have eyes to see. Please tell your friends, as the Khenpos visit is genuinely good news that should be shared. For any one of us to get healed means for all of us to get healed.

At the time this article went to press, we don't have any more details. Please call 234-1549 for more specific information.

Paul Levy has been a student of the Khenpos for fifteen years. He is the coordinator of the Portland PadmaSambhava Buddhist Center.