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OREGON ECOBUILDING NETWORK is a local group that advocates healthier building solutions for chemically sensitive people who become ill and sometimes very sick from perfume, pollens, exhaust fumes, some foods, latex, mold, new carpet and drapes, inks, newspapers or laundry products.

Their focus is a commitment to make a positive difference with public advocacy directed at chemically injured patients, medical professionals, environmental organizations, schools, regulatory agencies and the media. Their business is to promote a peer support educational network, resource referral, library, safe havens of model healthy buildings, training, clean transportation, presentation, and increased community awareness.

Their values include ecological principles, protecting children's health, encouraging understanding and validation of the concept of toxic chemical overload of the immune system, and working to create sustainable, healthier lifestyles.

Some of their other issues include new building construction and remodeling with unhealthy products, electromagnetic injury from everyday low exposure or intense one-time exposure such as remodeling, the use of toxic synthetic chemicals, appropriate pest control policies and procedures, proper labeling of products (especially genetically engineered or modified food), second-hand smoke, fragrance and latex sensitivity.

Sept. 11: JEFF CLARK, Engineer and CFIDS survivor, representing the Melisa Medica Foundation of Sweden, will share insights from the latest science and practical remedies on dental amalgam metal/mercury issues; Ctr. For Natural Medicine at 1:00pm Sat.

Sept. 16: SOCIAL GATHERING: Organic juices at Bibo Juice Bar, 1445 NE Weidler near Lloyd Center. Smoothies, organic veggies with boosts of bee pollen, echinacea, ginseng, etc. at 1:30pm Thurs.

Sept. 25: IAQ AT CHILD CARE CENTERS: Training staff video by Dr. Liliane Bartha, MD, Member Indoor Air Coalition for Western WA, with American Lung Assoc. Ctr Natural Medicine at 1:00pm Sat.

Sept. 30: BUSINESS NETWORK LECTURE: Healthier Buildings with speakers from Oregon Ecobuilding Network at 7:15am, Willamette Athletic Club. Guests welcome. Call for details, John Poling, 810-8382.

Third Thursday: NW ECOBUILDING GUILD meets at Env. Building Supply. Call for topic and speakers: 222-3881.

To attend, please do not use or wear scented products of any kind; some may trigger asthma symptoms and headaches due to ingredients such as toluene, benzene derivatives, etc.

For more information contact: Roslyn Hamilton, Executive Director, Oregon Ecobuilding Network, PO Box 86444, Portland, OR 97286, email: or call 503-760-2092