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Chakras: Information Centers of the Soul
by Mary Ellen Flora

Do you have chakras? Does everyone have chakras and not know it? What are chakras anyway? Chakras are information centers of the soul. Aren't you relieved? You may have been thinking they are something undesirable. Chakras are actually wonderful sources of energy and information that everyone has. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel and they do resemble a wheel from the front view. Chakras contain an unfathomable amount of information so you never need to worry about running out of interesting information once you get in touch with your spiritual information centers.

Chakras are the energy and information centers that you use, as spirit, to store and access your spiritual information. Oh yes, you are spirit and you have chakras. Your body is your home for this lifetime. Yes, you have had other lifetimes, but that is another story. You are spirit, you have a body, you have lived before, and in every life you have chakras to use. Your chakras help you keep track of all that you have created and adopted during your creative sojourns on planet Earth. Your chakras are storehouses of your information and energy, ready for you to use to create your life.

Your chakras can be located in relation to your physical body. In fact, every acupuncture point in the body is a chakra. You need to first get in touch with the seven main chakras located along your spine before you focus on all of the others. These main chakras are numbered one through seven with the first chakra located near the base of your spine and the seventh chakra located at the top of your head. The second chakra is located just below your navel and your third chakra is at your solar plexus. The fourth is located at the sternum near the heart. The fifth chakra is at the base of your throat and your sixth chakra is in the center of your head. All of the chakras are lined up with your spine.

Each chakra relates to aspects of your creativity as a spiritual being. For example, your first chakra contains information about how you relate to the physical world, such as how to keep your body alive and well with food, housing, clothing, and so forth. It is easy to see that there is a great deal of creativity in this one area since the world is full of a variety of ways to relate to survival issues. Different cultures are extremely varied in their survival techniques, in addition to the individual interpretations and creativity in relating to the physical world.

All of the chakras relate to different aspects of your spiritual creativity and how you manifest your creativity in the physical world. The second chakra relates to your sexuality and emotionality, your third to how you distribute your energies, your fourth to affinity. Your fifth chakra has your information on communication and your sixth has information on spiritual sight. Your seventh chakra has your information about how to be still and know as spirit. All of the chakras contain a variety of aspects of each of these main focuses and an infinite amount of information about the topics. For example, the fifth chakra contains five different aspects of communication.

Now that you know that you have chakras, where they are and what they relate to, what do you do with them? Use them to get to know yourself. By focusing on your chakras and the energy and information in each one, you learn about your creativity as spirit. You learn what you have created in the body, what you want to keep and what you want to clear. Your chakras are "the book of you" and are exciting "reading." You can use them like a guidebook or a road map to negotiate the creative project called your life.

Getting in touch with the information in your chakras is an exciting experience. You can even learn to access and consciously control the energy and information in your chakras. This process is an important part of awakening as spirit. Every great spiritual teacher has said, "Know yourself," and getting to know what you have stored in your chakras is part of that process. Consciously using your chakras requires discipline, patience and a spiritual perspective. This is a life-long journey and the ultimate in self-discovery. The process does take time and attention and is well worth the attention you need to put on it.

To access the information in your chakras you must learn to meditate. If you already meditate you need to add the techniques of grounding and centering in your head to your meditation practices. Grounding is creating a flow of energy from your first chakra to the center of the Earth. You center in your head by focusing your bright light as spirit into the center of your physical head. Grounding connects you to this physical reality and keeps you and your body safe. Centering in your head puts you in a neutral control space so you can be in charge of your creativity. Being grounded and neutral are essential ingredients to creating a controlled, safe experience while getting to know what you have in your chakras.

You are spirit, you have chakras. Learn to know yourself and your wonderful creative abilities by reacquainting yourself with your chakras, your spiritual information centers. Become the conscious creator of your life.

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