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The Body Electric
How Vibrational Therapies Work
by Miriam Knight

E=mc2 is probably the most well-known scientific formula in the world. With it Albert Einstein demonstrated that energy and matter are two equivalent forms of the stuff of the universe. All matter, including the human body, is composed of this primal energy, and the salient characteristic of energy is that it moves or vibrates. The rate at which each substance vibrates is its frequency. In his excellent book of the same name, Richard Gerber, MD uses the term Vibrational Medicine to refer to therapies that work on the energy aspect of the body.

A vast arsenal of vibrational or subtle energy therapies has emerged, some ancient and some new. The more familiar ones include acupuncture, homeopathy, Reiki, spiritual healing, therapeutic touch, electro-crystal therapy, flower essences, gem elixirs, magnetic healing and devices, crystal healing, color therapy and thought essences. They all have the same aim, which is to assist the individual to achieve a constant and unimpeded energy flow throughout the many levels of the physical and spiritual bodies.

Orthodox medicine has begun, grudgingly, to accept that some vibrational therapies such as acupuncture work, but the reason they work is not explicable within the old Newtonian model of the body as a complex machine. Allopathic medicine has acknowledged that there is a causal connection between stress and illness, although why some people are more susceptible than others is still a mystery. One really needs to turn to Quantum Theory for an explanation, namely, that all matter, including the body and all its processes, is a phenomenon of vibrational energy. Thought is probably the most important of these processes. You may have heard the expression, "energy follows thought." It is thought, conscious or subconscious, that generates all of the gross activity and most of the subtle activity of the body.

We have all heard of the Placebo Effect, where patients in a clinical trial may get better even when they have not received any of the active substance being tested. Stated otherwise, the Placebo Effect is simply the body healing itself when it thinks it is supposed to get better. What has probably happened is that the individual HAS GIVEN PERMISSION TO ITS BODY TO HEAL. This is an important point, which may also explain why other people don't heal. At some level, they may not be allowing themselves to heal. There may be subtle psychological issues around self-worth or dependency or a myriad of other things. The fact is that thoughts and emotions affect the body's energy field. We have all experienced feelings of fatigue which miraculously disappeared when an exciting activity was on offer, or a total shift in energy level after receiving a phone call from that special person. Energy follows thought.

So where does vibrational medicine come in? There is a growing school of thought that dates back to ancient times that holds that disease (dis-ease) is the result of imbalance in the body's energy systems. When some of the body's energy pathways are blocked, this causes circulatory stagnation in the cells and organs which provides food for viruses and bacteria. Furthermore, it is suggested that viruses and bacteria do not cause disease, but feed off it. This would explain why, amongst a large group of people carrying the same viral or bacterial load, only a few will actually come down with a given disease.

Other kinds of disease (or imbalance) do not feed viruses or bacteria but rather cause physical weakness or pain (migraines, arthritis and other auto-immune diseases, for example). The problem here is when the symptom is perceived as the disease itself. Then prescription drugs will be used which may have some effect on the symptom, but will not cure the disease and are likely to have undesirable side effects.

The common goal of vibrational therapies is to get the energy circulating in a correct pattern rather than stagnating behind a blockage or leaking away.

Rebalancing the energy system by whatever means helps enormously, but human beings are complex, and there are likely to be a number of interrelated causes as to why the body went out of balance in the first place. The location of imbalances indicates the kinds of issues the individual is struggling with. So, for example, someone with back pain may be struggling with issues dealing with quite basic concerns about security, survival or the ability to stand up for oneself. This is why it is so important to look at the individual as a whole and to try to understand how the condition arose and whether the causative factors can be reversed through a change of thought patterns or lifestyle.

Old memory patterns that are locked in can often be released through visualization or hypnotic regression. The goal is to help individuals achieve a high level of wellness by recognizing their own role in the creation of the state of dis-ease and accepting the responsibility for changing the old patterns. Vibrational therapies help during this process by relieving symptoms, but we therapists cannot cure the underlying cause. We can only support and assist you to cure yourself.

Miriam Knight is a psychologist and energy therapist working in NW Portland. Her practice includes energy field analysis, energy rebalancing with resonating crystals, Reiki and healing visualization. She also works in conjunction with her husband Geoffrey Knight, a clinical hypnotherapist. She can be contacted at 503-246-7300 or by e-mail to