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Bhau Kalchuri: The Fragrance of Divine Love and Life with Avatar Meher Baba
by Andrew Thomas

Bhau Kalchuri has lived a remarkable life as an intimate disciple of Avatar Meher Baba, the Christ or God-Man of this age. He is one of only a very rare few to have fully experienced the profound method of training used by this highly renowned and most remarkable spiritual figure. We are truly privileged to have the opportunity to experience him in two public talks in early September. All are welcome to attend.

Mr. Kalchuri is an experienced, engaging and highly sought after public speaker and storyteller who has traveled widely to speak of Meher Baba and his life and mission, doing so to thousands of people every year. Bhau's very close association with Meher Baba over so many years places him in a unique position to do so. It is a privilege and rare opportunity to meet and hear someone with as much clarity and genuine depth of life experience as Mr. Kalchuri.

Bhau, a prolific author, playwright and poet, has published many books. He also has an extensive educational background, having degrees in law, public administration and chemistry. His most significant work is the 20-volume biography of Meher Baba entitled Lord Meher. Since Meher Baba's physical passing in 1969, Mr. Kalchuri has continued to be fully engaged in his work of selfless service to God and humanity. Much of his time is devoted to tirelessly serving as Chair of the Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust in Ahmednagar, India. The trust maintains the tomb-shrine of Meher Baba, a place of pilgrimage for tens of thousands of people each year from all over the world. Additionally, the trust performs many charitable works in the surrounding and largely underdeveloped rural community, including the provision of free health and educational services.

Mr. Kalchuri has written several works outlining Meher Baba's metaphysics and the spiritual awakening that is leading to the birth of a true New Humamity. But he is not a heady intellectual. His training was one of the balance of head and heart, of love and service, and an intensely practical mysticism. He is a vessel of Meher Baba's living message and a beacon of light for his divine love. Yet his natural intellectual abilities meant that Meher Baba has used him as a vehicle to convey certain esoteric aspects of his message and exposition of Truth. Through Meher Baba, he has an uncluttered understanding of the most profound and universal spiritual truths, and is able to convey these with remarkable clarity and relevance, as well as humor and playfulness.

Bhau's association with Meher Baba began in 1952, when, without ever having had any spiritual interest, he was instantly drawn to this silent man who declared that he was the Avatar of this age at their first meeting. Just one year later, Bhau began to live permanently with Meher Baba as one of his close disciples. Though there were many who longed for such close contact with him, very few were actually called. Through many years of this close association and training, Bhau is someone that can truly be said to have passed the tests of a discipleship that are part and parcel of living with such a tremendous spiritual being as Meher Baba. His training was often intense, yet carefully apportioned; strict, yet governed by love and compassion; and often tempered with a very keen sense of humor.

Meher Baba was, and Bhau would say still is, the master psychologist who knows one better than one knows oneself and whose every effort is directed towards taking one beyond oneself to a radical union with the Divine Beloved. Such a life is a constant challenge for the ego-mind, and every moment is an opportunity to take another step in the soul's journey toward the destruction of it and its illusory limitations. Bhau can relate in a full and often very humorous way that life with Meher Baba was never predictable or dull, and that every moment was used as a lesson to love and remember God more and more completely.

It is no easy task to live this life, but Bhau Kalchuri is a living testament to Meher Baba's method of working as well as being a superb channel for the love and light that he so fully was and is. Mr. Kalchuri is the living result of a spiritual training which emphasized a unique blend of involvement, detachment, discipline, selflessness and above all else, the love of God that Meher Baba emphasized and exemplified.

Andrew Thomas has been involved with Meher Baba for the past 14 years and has made many visits to his ashram and the power house of his tomb-shrine in India. He has also met Bhau Kalchuri many times both in India and the US. All are invited to experience Bhau speak at New Renaissance Books on NW 23rd Ave. in Portland on Tuesday Sept. 7th at 6:30pm (where there will be a $6 admission charge and seating is limited. Phone 22-4929 for reservations), as well as to a free event on Wednesday, Sept. 8th at 7:30pm at PSU in Shattuck Hall Rm. 212. For further information, call Andrew at (503) 977-9713