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A Soul Purpose Perspective
on Fall Equinox Planetary Activities
by Mark Dodich

Understanding the astrological patterns of the Fall Equinox will help you to make the most of the opportunities available to you during the coming three months.

The Autumnal Equinox occurs at the moment that the Sun crosses the plane of the Earth's equator on its descent into the Southern Hemisphere. In 1999, Fall Equinox occurs on Sept. 23rd at 4:32 AM PDT. Concurrently, the Sun enters the balancing zodiac sign of Libra. Days and nights are equal in length.

In astrological terms, it is a time to create balance between your inner and outer worlds. From a soul purpose perspective, you are re-establishing harmony between your mundane world activities and the calling of your Divine Nature.

This is particularly true in 1999 due to the intense summer of powerful eclipses. Most people took a serious look at their values, desires, and fixed patterns of behavior during July and August. For the next three months, you are making certain your worldly activities are based upon your highest inner truth.

In an astrology chart cast for equinox, there is a strong emphasis on transforming personal values. Between now and Winter Solstice, you would benefit by healing old emotional hurts, transforming your philosophy on relationships, and seeking alternative ways to pragmatically assert your dreams into the mainstream world.

There is excellent potential to connect on a deep soul level with the relationships in your life. However, the equinox moon in romantic Pisces will bring up your illusions surrounding the people in your life. "Burning-your-bridges-behind-you" Pluto and aggressive Mars may prompt you to release relationships that no longer serve your path of Highest Truth. Others will be required to release the fears that block them from creating fulfilling partnerships.

Fall begins with an emphasis of passionate fire signs (Leo and Sagittarius) and social air signs (Libra and Aquarius). It is time to communicate your high ideas and dreams of right relationship, humanitarian service, justice, and innovative ways to serve the Highest Good in the coming millennium. After you pass through a few astrological "bumps-in-the-night" between Oct. 13-27, you will find it easier to put your plans into action.

Prepare yourself to work for your goals using a long-term perspective. Projects started now may not bear fruit until the May 2000 alignment of seven planets in down-to-earth Taurus. For now, your task is to begin the process of applying practical, constructive, and ongoing effort into manifesting your highest vision for both yourself and the planet into being. Remember that bringing Utopian ideals into existence requires adjustment and the sometimes painful bursting of illusions.

Ultimately, your efforts in working with the Fall Equinox energies will help you to improve your relationships, to feel a greater degree of freedom, and to manifest your vision in a workable way. Create balance and harmony between your spiritual and earthly needs to maximize the opportunity of the coming three months.

Mark Dodich has been a professional astrologer, specializing in spiritual purpose and relocation, since 1980. He is past president of the Oregon Astrological Association. For a free copy of his newsletter, ASTROMARK, contact him at (503) 252-1558 or visit his weekly Astrology Forecast at