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A New Reality
by Diane Warren

The scientists tell us that we are using about 4% of our brain. That figure is debatable, but in general the numbers range from 1-1/10th to 10%. Now this is an interesting fact. Let's do an experiment.

Pick out an object in your view, one that you can see completely. In your mind's eye, section off 4% of it. Now compare the difference between the 4% and the 96%. By observing the 4% you cannot determine what it is, or what its purpose is. That is how we see our reality. It is as if we were walking around with blinders on like a horse. Now what can we do about it?

Well, we can develop a relationship with the 96%. In my life I am finding that as I do this I am activating something that is beyond my awareness that is assisting me greatly. I am hearing myself say things in presentation and my own defense that are profound. I am taking action in situations that is beyond my logical awareness that creates solutions even before problems are developed. I am aware that there is something that "cares" about me.

An example of this: last summer I needed to take back a rental car and pick up my car from the mechanic. A friend offered to transport me from one car to the other. I arrived early to complete the financial transactions so my friend would not have to wait. The manager started the paper work and the phone rang. He was involved in a conversation about his rental vehicles, prices and deals, and it was obviously an information gathering and fact finding one for the person on the other end of the phone. He could have called the person back after completing his business with me. But he just talked on. In the middle of this conversation, as I stood waiting for him, my friend drove up. The manager's conversation continued on. All of a sudden I heard a loud continuous buzzer ringing. The manager looked at me angrily and was immediately off the phone and at my side wrapping up our business deal. As this was happening I looked around trying to figure out where the noise was coming from. I looked down and discovered that my elbow was resting on a button next to a sign that read, "ring for help." It wasn't until this whole scenario was completed that I was able to understand what had just taken place. There was something beyond my awareness that was taking care of me. Afterwards it was quite a laugh that we enjoyed on the drive over to the other car.

So, as we discover that we have a 96% and we begin to develop a relationship with it, we learn that it is our own best-friend. How do we develop a relationship? We can talk to it. We can give it a name. We can pray in unison with it to the creator of the whole 100% of us. We can develop a trust of it. And, we can honor it by first recognizing it and then acknowledging it, and then allowing it to work for us. As we do this we discover that our life begins to change for the better.

Diane Warren is on the Community Connections Women's Council and is a counselor and teacher in the tri-county area. She can be reached for counseling at 503-635-4904.