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Images of the Heart
Ancient Telepathy of the Human Heart
Drunvalo Melchizedek interviewed by Miriam Knight

In preparation for this interview, I watched a BBC video about the Kogi, an astonishing aboriginal tribe who retreated into seclusion in the Colombian Sierra Nevada mountains centuries ago and, uniquely, were never conquered by the Conquistadors, the British, the French or anyone.  The Kogi society revolves around a sacred mission to maintain the energy balance of the Earth.  The Mamas, a consecrated group within the tribe, said that they have broken their seclusion to contact the West with a dire warning about the imminent consequences of continuing the rape of the Earth Mother. 

They felt that the only hope for humanity was to offer us the gift of their method of seeing.  Their hope is that if enough of us learn and pass on this ancient form of heart telepathy, communication from within the heart rather than from within the mind, then the spread of compassion and love will enable us to take the hard decisions needed to change our current lifestyles and heal society and the planet. (see The New Children)

Drunvalo Melchizedek is best known for his teachings on sacred geometry, consciousness and the light body that the ancients call the Merkaba.  The Images of the Heart Workshop arose, only recently, out of a series of extraordinary and continuing experiences with the Kogi.

Drunvalo, what was the background to this workshop?

Let’s go back to February 19, 2000, to The Ceremony of the Condor and the Eagle.  The participants were indigenous people of North, South and Central America and the purpose was to connect them together with the new civilized people.  This ceremony was prescribed by the Mayans 5,000 years ago to usher in the last 13-year cycle on earth in which the earth is to be transformed so completely that we will not recognize it.

These people see it as a time of integration between the indigenous ways, which are primarily right brained and the civilized ways, which are left brained.  Their hope is that we are going to come together and both sides of the brain of the planet will be turned on.  This workshop, developed (telepathically) with the Kogis, is one of the first examples of this.

How did you meet the Kogi?

The Kogi thought they were the last people left on earth who were truly alive, (meaning they could connect with all life in an ancient way through the human heart.)  They predicted the end of the world (for the civilized peoples) on August 11, 1999.  When this didn’t happen, they searched out the reason.  Traveling in their "Light Bodies" they found a whole tribe in Guatemala, who also remembered heart communication, and many scattered individuals who had activated their own light bodies or, in the ancient terms, their "Mer-Ka-Ba".  Since I was one of the teachers of this information, the Kogi sent me a messenger with a small amount of tobacco wrapped in a bright red piece of cotton, who simply said "Thank you".

A couple months later, the Kogi again sent this messenger with a small ball of dark and sticky tree sap to give to me with a message.  The message was that they were going to send someone to me to teach me how to speak without words so that we could communicate. 

Then last November, I gave an Earth/Sky workshop in Mexico.  One of the participants was a young lady from Columbia.  She was different from the others, and whenever we entered into sacred space she would go crazy with ecstasy.  Then on the last day of the workshop she broke away from the circle and began to dance primitively within the center of the circle.  She abandoned herself and seemed to lose control.  I went over to her and took her hand to comfort her, and she grasped my hand and looked deep into my eyes and made a soft and longing sound.  The sound went straight to my heart and vibrated inside my very center, and I could "see" what she was saying.  She provided me with a heart link to a Kogi woman, and I could see through her eyes.  In just a few minutes I was IN the Amazon jungle and the Amazon River was right there. I was able to “walk” through the village, “speak” with the Mamas and experience her whole life.

How did you feel?

 When you are linked with someone in the heart in this form of communication, there is no barrier, no difference between you and that person.  It is incredibly intimate, almost like sexual energy.  You are so intimately connected that it takes a bit of willpower to break away.  That’s what happened to me in Mexico with that Colombian lady.  I had about a hundred people waiting for me for two hours, but once we got into this communication, my body and my mind didn’t care.  It felt incredibly good.  I felt more alive than I would normally ever feel! 

What has happened to you since learning this heart talk?

It has changed my position within my body.  It usually takes two days of a workshop before I can get someone to understand what that means.  I have learned how to move back and forth now.  Like right now, you are looking out through your eyes and your spirit is like centered behind them.  We believe it is in your pineal gland. And that’s where you locate yourself in your body, kind of in your head looking out. 

But what the Kogi say is that’s not how everybody has to do it and that’s definitely not how it was done a long time ago.  So they’ve retrained me and what they say is that there’s a place inside the human heart that is a chamber, a space, and that there is a vibration in this space that is recognized by all life everywhere.  This communication works not just between humans, but between all species of life.

How do you find this place in the heart?

Gregg Braden has been studying with Stanford University and the Heart Math Institute, and they’ve discovered that there is a brain within the heart – a cluster of 40,000 nerve cells with thinking capacity.  There is also a huge toroidal magnetic field around the heart in the shape of a donut rotating in on itself.  That is how people can locate this place.  Through a meditation we can get you connected to the magnetic field and then you rotate in on this magnetic field and then it takes you right in to this place where the communication can occur. 

Once you have experienced this and you know what it is and you learn to get out of your head, another form of communication become possible.  When you physically exist in that place where you are looking out from your heart rather than your head, this strange feeling comes over your body.   This also ties into what Gregg Braden was describing in the Isaiah Effect about the science of prayer (see Jan/2000 article on the Isaiah Effect)  He shows that prayer under certain circumstances become more than just prayer – it becomes co-creation.  When the mind, heart and body are engaged, then this ancient way of being becomes a reality. 

What degree of success have you had in imparting this in a group?

We are finding that success in understanding this has a lot to do with the person’s belief patterns - what they believe is possible.  We have to do a great deal of work to break down those belief patterns, to get to a place where the average person can accept the possibility of communication without words.

How is this different from telepathy?

 Telepathy is similar in function but completely different in quality.  It is centered in the pineal gland and you conceive of what you are going to say and use words that build an image in the other person’s mind.  When the heart communicates it paints an instantaneous and 3-dimensional image, like a holograph.  When you are communicating from the heart, you don’t conceive of what you are going to say.  The heart just says it. 

What kind of instructions did the Kogi give you about the workshop?

One thing was related to the importance of darkness.  The Kogi have a tribe within a tribe, called the Mamas who are the religious leaders.  When a Mama baby is found (through divination) it is brought into a cave and taught in darkness for nine years.  Only enough light is allowed to keep it from going blind.  This darkness forces the growing Mama to rely on its inner vision. 

In developing the workshop, the Kogi emphasized the importance of darkness in being able to do this communication from the heart, and so we’ve got masks for people.  They don’t want even one photon to arrive in the eyes, it has to be absolutely black so that your mind is not functioning, your pineal shuts down and you can begin to function in another way.  

One thing that would help anyone coming to the workshop is to get used to meditating in absolute darkness.  The Kogi say that an hour is a minimum, but even 20 or 30 minutes is helpful.  Another thing I would add is that since achieving this form of telepathy requires intimate heart connection, I would recommend that you attend this workshop with a loved one - friend, partner, parent, child, or spouse.

What thoughts would you like to leave us with?

I think the Kogi have given us a message of great hope and I would really like people to experience this because I think it changes the way humans relate to eachother.  For the first time, someone can really know what compassion is, because when you connect with someone, it’s beyond love.  It becomes clear in that instant what the spiritual teachers have been saying all along, that all things are interconnected; that there is just one spirit moving through everything.
(for more on this subject see The New Children)

Drunvalo Melchizedek is an inspired teacher and author of The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, vols. 1 and 2.  He will be presenting a workshop in Portland on October 8th.
He is also the moving spirit behind “The Spirit of Ma’at”, a new Internet magazine focusing on human consciousness and Mother Earth: The first issue is free; further issues by subscription.