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The New Children
Children of AIDS, Indigos and Super-psychics
Drunvalo Melchizedek Interviewed by Miriam Knight

The New Children being born on this planet are an important focus of Drunvalo’s work, and he believes that they will eventually be linking their consciousness together through the new mode of heart communication. (see Images of the Heart)

 There are three new races being born at this time: the Indigo kids, the children of AIDS and the super-psychic children. They do not have conventional human DNA, specially the new psychic children. In China, they found the first psychic child in 1974. Over the next 11 years more children surfaced, but the scientific community fought it tooth and nail. When the number rose to 100,000, Omni Magazine and Nature, two of the most prestigious scientific magazines in the world began to write about it. They are completely different from the Indigo children, even in their DNA.

These super-psychic children are popping up all over the world but mostly in the oriental countries, quite a few in Russia and Mexico and some in South America. Drunvalo located a thousand of them in Mexico, and is in close contact with one, Inge, who is now 19. She can do all the things that the Chinese children can do - float objects around the room, see with her hands and her feet. She is a 100% perfect psychic – she does not make mistakes. If you hand her a picture, she will identify everything in the picture, tell you the name, address and Social Security number of any people in the picture, the exact location of where the picture was taken, who took the photograph and their name, address and social security number and what they were thinking at the time they took the picture.

Drunvalo asked her, “Inge, what do you see when you do this?” Shy at first, eventually she said, “Well, it’s a little weird, I see a television screen with little tiny television screens all around the outside, moving very, very fast.” Paul Dong, who wrote a book on the Chinese children, said a lot of them also report seeing television screens when they close their eyes.

A new type of consciousness is arising among these children, and Drunvalo learned, through his 7-year-old daughter, Mia, that it is transmittable. She was watching Inge being blindfolded and reading with her hands, and said to her, “Can I do it too?” “Of course, anybody can do this,” Inge said. She blindfolded Mia and selected a picture from a magazine of a rhinoceros in water. Placing it in front of her, she told her to see inside it with her inner vision. Mia said, “I don’t see anything, it is just black.” “Just keep looking.” After she had done this for 3 or 4 minutes, Inge reached over and touched Mia on the back of her neck. About a half a second later Mia shouted, “Wow, I see it. It’s a big rhinoceros in water,” and she described the whole picture.

Drunvalo believes that the changes in the DNA are a response by the earth to the changes in the physical and social environment. A lot of it has to do with the food we’re eating and the climate changes, just as these things brought about differences in blood type and body chemistry thousands of years ago. The earth has responded, he says, on three levels, the mind, the heart and the body. The body response is coming out in the children of AIDS who have so increased their immune systems that they hardly get sick with anything. The psychic children are the heart response. China and Mexico, certain areas of Russia and South America are the heart areas of the world; they are the right brain of the planet. The left brain of the planet is the response of the Indigo children and you can almost estimate the number of Indigo children in a country by counting the computers – the more computers, the more Indigo children you’re going to find. This indicates to me that you would probably find the highest level of Indigo kids in the world in Israel, because they have the highest per capita ratio of computers. A human transformation is happening in this world like no one has ever seen.

The first mainstream acknowledgement of Indigo children came about 8 or 9 months ago when Oprah put 5 of them on her program. According to Lee Carol and Jan Tober’s book, The Indigo Children, scientists estimate that 80-90% of the children being born now in the U.S. are Indigos. They definitely have a DNA change because they have a different liver, designed to cope with any kind of food, including junk food. They have also adapted to the computer mentality, and have an average IQ around 130, which used to be only one child in 10,000.

Their special capabilities have special problems associated with them, which is why Drunvalo is talking so much to the world about them. “We shouldn’t be thinking they are dumb, or have ADD and just filling them with drugs. They are brilliant children who are just bored to death with our school system because it is moving way too slow. We need to let them specialize and move in the direction their minds take them, because that is what they want. They are psychic, although not on the levels that the Psychic kids are, and very telepathic. Science is finding that they know exactly what their parents are thinking and feeling, so you can’t lie to them, because they know you are lying; you can’t just say no to them, because they want to know why; and you don’t talk to them like a baby - if they are 3 or 4 years old, you talk to them like an adult. We, the adults of the old world are custodians of the children of the new world, who are completely different. We need to be able to learn to raise these children and support them in brand new ways.

“I want people to know that the children are there and that a new human response is sorely needed for the health of the children and the ultimate health world.”