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Autumn Equinox
~Gemini's breath of Fresh Air
by Mark Dodich
Mark Dodich

Have the past few months felt like you have been moving at a snail's pace? Or maybe the pace has been quick, but you wondered if you were getting anywhere.

Well, hold on to your hat (umbrella?), because the acceleration button is about to take off. An astrology chart cast for the Autumn Equinox on September 22 at 10:28 AM PDT shows that seven of ten possible planets are in the air element signs of Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini. If you were born with the Sun or other natal planets in air signs, you are going to like what's coming.

Before discussing what lies ahead, it is important to look at our recent past. Last May, seven planets aligned in earthy, stable, and sensual Taurus. You probably spent the last several months assessing your priorities and highest values. Many people decided that it was time to create a pragmatic way to manifest their desires and philosophies in the mundane world. Others tended to health, financial, and old family issues. Old relationship patterns of behavior were reviewed.

All of that was about establishing a strong foundation for the innovative new ideas that are rushing into your mind. Both expansive Jupiter and restrictive Saturn have entered Gemini, the zodiac sign of abundant ideas. It may be time to travel, teach, take a class, repair or purchase transportation, write that book, relocate, or sell your bright idea.

 Jupiter was last in Gemini between July 1988 and July 1989. What new ideas or adventures did you have in mind then? How would you like to expand your philosophy, knowledge and life adventure during the next 12 years? Because Jupiter is opposite powerfully transformative Pluto at equinox, Fall is an excellent time to begin volcanic changes in your life experience. Get out a pad of paper and write down a 12-year plan. 

Saturn, the planet representing patience, discipline, restrictions, delays and building solid foundations, was last in Gemini June 1971 through April 1974. At that time, Secretary of State Kissinger and President Nixon were opening China to trade. Now, we are opening China to new levels of international commerce. Also at that time, Cigarette ads were banned from television. Oregon recently banned their use in most public places. As you see, cycles repeat in new ways when Saturn comes full circle.

Gemini has to do with being open to new ideas, communications and the air we breath. Body parts ruled include the nervous system, shoulders, arms, hands and your memory. Watch for magazine articles on ergonomics, air quality, Alzeheimer's Disease and increasing your brainpower. Communications will continue to be affected. Consider the change to ten-digit telephone dialing as an example of the restructuring called forth by Saturn.

On a personal level, you will be looking at how you can communicate more effectively in your world. You may need to take additional training or teach that class you have wanted to teach. What is the image you want the world to see?

A word of warning: Gemini is a sign that can get caught up in its own ideas, often taking on more than it can realistically handle. This stresses out the nervous system.  Discernment is also required in that the negative expression of Gemini is that people can tell you what they are going to do, then fail to follow through. This is not because they are flakes. Rather, Gemini energy tends to get caught up with incoming new ideas, like a butterfly wandering in an abundant field of brightly colored flowers. Learn to discern who is walking their talk, and please do walk your own talk.

The Autumn Equinox energies will be with us until Winter Solstice. Because Saturn is only temporarily testing the ethers of Gemini through Oct. 15th, the extent of its energies will not be fully present until April 2001. This gives you the coming winter months to plan and prepare for the new ideas you want to take to the world. Although Jupiter in Gemini is pushing you forward, Saturn's delay in being fully present in Gemini will require patience and diligent effort. Unfinished business from Spring and Summer 2000 needs to be completed. This will give you a fresh start in communicating your great ideas into the world.

A final note on equinox is that a power lines map (AstroCartoGraphy®) has the Pacific NW under the influence of rebellious, inventive, and earth-shaking Uranus for the next three months. Do not be in too much haste to make major life changes. Yes, new ideas and changes are coming, but don't throw the baby out with the bath water!

All in all, it is time to open your mind and heart to new ideas, new possibilities, and new methods to communicate your highest truth to the world. Work on these ideas over the winter so that they are ready to take to the world by Spring 2001.

Mark Dodich will be expanding on these ideas and the astrology of the new USA President at his lecture for the Lifeway's Psychic Fair, Oct. 14 & 15, at Portland's World Forestry Center.

Mark Dodich has been an Astrologer and Intuitive Counselor since 1980. He is past president of the Oregon Astrological Association and provides consultations and workshops internationally. Call for his free newsletter 503.252.1558 or visit his website at