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Eight Steps to Happiness
A practical meditation guide

Why do so many of us suffer from stress, anxiety, and depression when we are surrounded by life's comforts?   How is it that we work so hard to improve the quality of life yet have so few opportunities to enjoy it?  Why are our relationships fraught with difficulty when we put so much energy into finding partners?

With the publication of his seventeenth book, Tibetan Lama, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, gives the answers to these and many other questions. Eight Steps to Happiness is a practical meditation guide, brimming with lifestyle advice specially designed to help Westerners find joyful meaning in today's busy, often impersonal world.  The blend of Kadampa Buddhism’s ancient wisdom with the practical advice on living in the contemporary world offers a fresh approach to life in modern Western society. 

Geshe Kelsang's years of training in Tibetan monasteries and meditating in Himalayan hermitages combined with two decades of living and teaching among Westerns uniquely qualify him to demonstrate how to use the ancient wisdom of Buddhist meditators to solve contemporary human problems. Geshe Kelsang’s wisdom, insight, and compassion shine through every page.

Eight Steps to Happiness will strike a chord with readers in the West.  Its publication will be marked in September and October 2000 by a series of bookstore talks around the world given by a group of Western nuns, monks, laywomen and laymen who were trained as meditation teachers by the author. 

Gen Jangsem is the Principal Teacher of Mahasiddha Center and a senior student of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.  He has been studying and practicing Buddhist teachings for over 14 years and is well known for his wisdom and stainless example.  Mahasiddha Buddhist Center, located in NW Portland, is happy to offer a series of classes based on the book.  Gen Jangsem will teach these classes every Thursday evening this fall, beginning on September 14, 2000.  

Gen Jangsem’s classes will be held at HealthQuest, 1330 SE 39th Avenue, Portland.
Telephone Mahasiddha Center 503-233-6747 for further information.