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Reverence For Life
by Diane Warren
I was at my daughter's house for dinner. After dinner we reminisced, remembering stories about our past and the stories that were given to us by my mother and father, about their past. After several stories that brought tears and laughter, my daughter remembered particular stories my mother told and how she used to talk about "The Curse." Well, I remember my mother's generation talking about "The Curse," but I thought they were referring to the inconvenience, etc. But, "No," my daughter said, "they were referring to the curse put on Eve in the Garden." I commented on how tragic for the women of my mother's generation to have felt that "Burden." So then we talked about the joy of "The Gift," and realized that our next generation children would create the next generation of women and men for our family.

The Joy and the responsibility of motherhood is what I want to talk about today. Having a child is the first step of being a mother. The next step is raising the child. And, of course, the next step is reaping the rewards, or receiving the grandchild that the child gives to you and to everyone else.

Accepting the responsibility of motherhood and viewing it as a pleasure gives new hope to the world. When we see ourselves as women creating life, we can begin to value who we are and what we offer. When we view ourselves this way, and accept that we are the keepers of life, then we will not want to harm the life that becomes created within us, and we will take full responsibility to guard the gate of creation using the forms that have been given to us by Science and Religion, mainly birth control and abstinence. With this perspective we will experience a decline in the need to have an abortion. I believe that because life has been so ruthlessly caste aside by many, countless times, it has become more difficult for numerous women to conceive. As we understand the joys of creation and respect our responsibility, we will see a rise in "wanted births." What a pleasant relief this would be for our society. Enjoy your children and celebrate when they become women and men and join in adulthood. And give them the education and knowledge of the responsibility of their ability to create. Blessings to all of you.

Diane Warren is on the Community Connections Women's Council and is a therapist and teacher in the tri-county area. She can be reached at 503-635-4904.