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Procession of the Species a Success!
by Linda Neale
On Saturday, April 24th we hosted Portland's first ever Procession of the Species. Even though we didn't begin our planning for the Procession until January, we had 800 people participate in the Procession from all ages and walks of life. I'm not sure where all these folks came from, but it was truly a magnificent experience - joyful and full of life. In my opinion, this is what the environmental movement needs - something positive, inclusive and celebratory to unite it once a year.

As I "danced" up Broadway with a scorpion on my head, a rabbit by my side, and Kells Pipe Band in front of me, I was able to see curiosity, astonishment, and joy in the faces of observers. I also remembered an email I'd received recently from a young person, part of which said "God doesn't want us to act like animals," and another part that said "The earth is going to end anyway, and there's nothing you can do about it."

Later I recalled a quote from Brave Buffalo, a Teton Sioux medicine man, who stated in 1918:

"I have noticed in my life that all men have a liking for some special animal, tree, plant, or spot of earth. If men would pay more attention to these preferences and seek what is best to do in order to make themselves worthy of that toward which they are so attracted, they might have dreams which would purify their lives. Let a man decide upon his favorite animal and make a study of it, learning its innocent ways. Let him learn to understand its sounds and motions. The animals want to communicate with man, but WakanTanka does not intend they shall do so directly - man must do the greater part in securing an understanding."

I know that those 800 people in the Procession gained a greater understanding of their animal, plant, or spot of earth.

Coming to Portland: Judith Duerk, Author of Circle of Stones

Offering Two Retreats for Women

Evening Retreat
DATE: Friday evening, Sept. 24
TIME: 6:45 pm to 10:00 pm
LOCATION: $12.00 in advance, or $15.00 at the door Sponsored by the Earth & Spirit Council

For more information or to reserve your space: Call the Earth & Spirit office, 452-4483

Two-day Retreat
DATES: Saturday & Sunday, Sept. 25 & 26
LOCATION: Raven's Camp, Woodland, Washington

For more information or to register for the two-day retreat:
Call Molly Murray at 669-8742 or Lynn Betteridge at 631-3304.