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Patterns In The Fields
by Dale Hogg
Patterns in the fields have been appearing miraculously and intensely for the last 11 years. They started to appear in England around Avebury and Stonehenge in Wiltshire County. Now they are appearing around the globe in practically every country. Historically circles have been documented as early as 1651. We really don't know how many have appeared without recognition. It wasn't until 1990 when these patterns exploded in frequency and magnificent designs. 1990 was the first year the patterns started to form pictograms, or blueprints of energetic phenomenon.

1990 was also the first year I flew to England to investigate these wonderful harbingers of change. The universe magically delivered me there the day the first pictogram appeared. This is where my story begins.

The energies backing the circles are really amazing. They are formed in various crops: wheat, barley, rye, and rapeseed. The crops are laid down with such gentleness, with the stalks bent at a 90-degree angle at the base of the plants without breakage or damage to the plant. The crops are swirled in many different designs. Actually no crop circle is exactly the same. The interweaving and structures are always unique. Yet the crops are fully alive and healthy. I have in one case seen burned tops at the crest of a pattern, and have read accounts of a few others with similar markings.

In the case of the rapeseed plant, which is a very fibrous plant similar to celery, if you bend it much past a 45-degree angle it will snap. With these energies the fragile stalks are bent at 90 degrees with no breakage, and the beautiful flowers are still in full bloom dancing to the sun.

My personal experience has been one of an energetic awakening, fully becoming conscious of my energetic nature. We are all energetic beings; the circles became my window of knowledge. I took one look at a book, Circular Evidence, by Pat Delgato, and I knew I had to go "feel" the circles. From day one I've been destined to follow the shamanic path, I was just unclear on how this was going to come about. I have always been a sensitive, to the point of being an outcast in "normal" social groups.

The circle energies began working on me very subtlety at first. My friend Mark Herke and I were drawn to a particular circle east of Salisbury, Wiltshire during our 1990 visit, and we found ourselves sitting in a circle within a crop circle with four other strangers talking about everything imaginable. The energies held us there in a timeless state for an hour or so. Suddenly we all felt the release and looked up realizing what had happened and cheerfully went on our ways. This was after the initial rush of finding the circle. Photographs were taken (of which my film didn't turn out) and the other party's video recorder would work outside the circle but not in the circular pattern. It was a very powerful feeling looking up to see an energetic wind dancing around us while we shared each other's histories.

After these experiences I started to tune into the energies even when I wasn't in a circle. Being a multi-dimensional sensitive in such a miriad world can be quite challenging. One moment I would be experiencing high, beautiful vibrations, feeling my neurological net, and the next, on down the road, the denser energies of the mundane world spinning off the heavy-laden negative vibrations would slam against my open doors. I guess the circle spirits wanted to see what I was made of. At this point I realized there was no turning back.

When I returned in 1992, 1 was blown out of the water. I was doing my usual rounds during the first week at Avebury where I usually camped. I declined to go to the 1st International crop circle conference put on by the Centre for Crop Circles Studies after a little debate with myself. I've gotten used to being a loner and it all seemed a little too commercial for me. I was interested in being in the circles, not talking about them. So, the evening before the conference I slept in my rent-a-car at Avebury stone circle, the largest complex in Europe. When I awoke at 6:30 a.m. I was pleased with my decision, I crawled out of the car, stuck a toothbrush in my face and proceeded to the W.C.

Two steps into the morning ritual I saw this double pictogram not a 1000 yards away. It was a very stormy night (hence sleeping in the car) and I know it wasn't there the previous day. Anyway, I ran up to the field, I asked the spirits' permission to enter the circle. I got a friendly welcome and proceeded to vision this column of energy reaching simultaneously deep into the earth as well as reaching up to the stars. As I wandered around this perfectly laid formation, I began to notice this one was strong. The wheat was still green and the flow of the crop was magnificently woven into its pattern. It was definitely the most powerful circle I had encountered to date.

The energies in the fresh circles are more prevalent at first and then it begins to dissipate as time and people move around them. I was dubious to try to take photos because of its strength, so I asked and a quiet voice said, by all means, this one is for you! Cool, since all the other researchers were headed for Winchester, how could I argue? One other person came to visit for about 5 min. stating as he left it was too strong for him and he was off to Winchester himself.

I felt protected there as I was becoming more energized. I instinctively knew the energies were working me over on a deep cellular level. An English friend of mine felt they were reaching right into the DNA sequence. All I know is that I was being rocked like I've never been rocked before. After the one gentleman left I felt I was in a pink bubble. I tried to do yoga, meditate, and just soak the energies up. After about 30 min. or so I again came to the clarity of knowing it was time to leave. I stood up, noticed a bunch of visitors coming into the field, and thanked the spirits as I wobbled out of the circle.

I was literally perceiving translucently, people's auras, animal's auras, everything glowed like I was experiencing a good shamanic journey, yet without the traditional power tools. I immediately noticed the extent of my transformation and realized I should not engage the daily public. If I got too close to people I would start to read them psychically, picking up on their core energies, including the not so happy stuff. So I just hung out with the stones and wondered how long this ride was going to last.

By late evening I needed to eat so I went to the neighborhood pub next to the B&B I frequented. It was like walking into a clowns meeting. Each person not only had their body there, all the etheric energies were present too. Being in a drinking establishment it was kind of scary. As I walked in I noticed above the 12 or so people at the bar, this thick, slow-moving dark cloud mingling a foot above the people. I guess the old adage, misery loves company, is true because the energies were all bonding.

It was fortunate I have experienced a few intense entheogenic journeys because I would have tweaked a bit seeing this scene with the bodymasks of these energetic beings. So I said to myself, okee-dokee, and found a corner to sit and eat. By noon the next day I was feeling sociable to talk with humans again. I also knew I had just experienced a peak moment in my crop circle history. This is the first time I have been able to write about it, 7 years later. I have shared it at slide shows, but until now I have always been blocked; it must be time to share - yea).

I do have a very informative slide show available of pictures taken by me and collected over 6 years, 1990-1996. Suggested donation: $15.00 per head for groups ten or more. Also, I offer circle-inspired energetic healing, feather dustings, and vibrational attunements: $30.00 per session. (Free those energetic bonds that no longer serve.)

Dale K. Hogg, 423 N.E. 72nd Ave., Portland, OR. 97213. Ph.# 503-251-1266