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Easy Mortgage Money - Makes It Easy To Sell Your Home
Instantly & For Full Value With Or Without A Real Estate Agent
by Brent Vaughters

The secret to both a full value and an easy sale is simply to make your property "special" to many potential buyers. Your home is "special" to you, but very few homes are "special" to the marketplace. Because buyers fail to see your house as "special," most experts suggest that you have to lower your price to entice them.

Unfortunately, lowering your asking price invites even lower price offers. And, in many cases buyers use home inspections to win further price concessions even after the sellers believe they have made the "final" compromise.

It's easy to avoid all of this price erosion and haggling by making your property "special" to a large number of buyers. You can do this by making your property special to the thousands of buyers who cannot obtain conventional financing. In fact, there is a system to make your property so "special" that many buyers will consider it the only property they can buy.

You don't have to haggle over the price - simply tell prospective buyers that you are collecting full price offers for a couple of weeks and that you will select the best one at the end of that time. Since Easy Mortgage Money will make your property very special, your potential buyers will compete with each other to purchase your property for full value. Indeed, in many cases one or more of the competing buyers will knowingly offer even more than full value. From their perspective it makes sense to pay a little more when the alternative is no house at all.

And you won't have to haggle over imperfections in your property - simply tell prospective buyers (and add a clause to their offers) that they are welcome to have the home inspected, but that their offer will be binding without your making any price concessions or repairs unless the professionally estimated cost of needed repairs exceed 5% of the purchase price of the home. This practice avoids irritating and costly haggling over leaky faucets, minor gouges in walls and flooring, and assorted other little items that the new homeowner probably would not fix, but is inclined to use to obtain price concessions.

Contrary to common misconception, thousands of people from all economic levels cannot obtain conventional financing. Good examples are two medical doctors who both had incomes over $650,000, but who could not obtain conventional financing due to "dings" on their credit reports (one from a divorce issue and the other from an investment issue). Another illustration involved a potential buyer who was capable of paying cash for a 1.9 million dollar luxurious condominium, but could not obtain a conventional loan because his income was considered "unqualified" (an entrepreneur in a new type of high tech business).

The conventional financing rules have become so restrictive that most experts in the field agree that there are many more "unqualified" buyers than there are "qualified" ones. But more important than sheer numbers is the fact that the "unqualified" buyers are desperate to buy a home.