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Fear Not!
by Mark S. Soine
There are many changes going on these days all over the world; earth changes, population changes, climate changes and consciousness changes. On top of all this, there are many predictions for even more changes to come.

One of the outcomes of these changes and predictions of what is before us is fear. Many of us look at what is going on as evidence of past predictions and see current predictions as an inevitable, catastrophic future. We perceive this current lifetime, this miniscule speck of existence out of all infinity, as something to cling to and have great concern over.

Granted, we are all here at this time to serve a purpose. We are here to play a part in the great changes that are occurring. However, there is nothing to fear. We are not finite beings that will "poof" out of existence with the shift of a magnetic pole or the dramatic change of a climate or the disappearance of major land masses.

We are infinite beings as parts of the one Infinite Being that has always been and will always be. That doesn't mean we can shirk our responsibilities to live out our current life purpose and assist in directing the course of Earth changes and the raising of consciousness. I only mean to say that this life and this Earth-form, as we know it, is not the be all and end all. Change has always been the norm, major and minor, and it will always be the norm. Clinging and attaching to your life staying the same will only bring you pain because that will never happen. Status quo is not the nature of the universe. Being able to let go, to release fear of change, will allow you to relax and enjoy the ride to the never-ending future. The following is guidance received from a meditation several years ago. I hope it is helpful. "There are dancers, singers and watchers in any drama that unfolds. Each has their own part to play to make the unfoldment worthwhile. Without the singers, there is no music with which to dance. Without the dancers, there is no beauty of production to entertain the watchers. Without the watchers, there is no one to entertain and so no satisfaction for the performers.

It is all God playing out the drama of eternity for no other reason than the enjoyment of the play. There really is no destination as there was no beginning. Oh, there is the appearance of beginnings and endings for that is the nature of the drama. It makes it more interesting when there is change. What if all the books ever written were just continuations of the same story with all the same characters acting out their parts in the same scene and nothing ever changed? What would be the point in reading a story that was always the same? The element of creativity would be unnecessary and all would be stagnant - just like a pond where the water is stagnant. It becomes murky, slimy and smelly. It is of no interest to anyone but frogs and mosquitoes.

There is no end to divine creativity. It never ends. To think of heaven, enlightenment, nirvana or any other similar concept as a goal or some endpoint to a journey is just pure fallacy. To be sure, there are greater and lesser levels or awareness but it's all relative. There is no final state of complete and total awareness because God is always and eternally creating so there is always more and more of which to be aware. As I said, "It never ends."

Now, don't perceive this as a hopeless situation like being a rat in an endless maze with no hope of reaching the way out and a yummy piece of cheese. It is not a divine joke designed to create eternal frustration and futility. It is meant to be an eternal creation of wonder and adventure. So, what if there was some grand and glorious endpoint and you reached it . . . then what? Parades of recognition? Parties? Angels floating on clouds playing harps? For all eternity?

If that was the case, that there was some eventual goal, and everyone finally reached it, what purpose would God have? All creating and creativity would cease. The true death of God would occur and without that one true source of everything to provide sustaining energy - there would be nothing.

But of course, that's not possible. It is the nature of God to create and to keep on creating endlessly. So, enjoy the ride. Think of yourself as the eternal explorer, creator and adventurer. You might as well since that's what you truly are anyway. Set your sights on new horizons of delightful experiences and play away. Play at creating. Create to have fun in the process of creating. Don't create because your creations have to mean something or make a difference. Create for the pure joy of creating and because it's your nature to create. You only need to look at nature to learn that lesson. Plants don't create beautiful flowers to impress anyone or make a meaningful social statement. They create flowers because it is their nature to do so. That's what Jesus was referring to when he spoke of the lilies of the field and the birds of the air. They fulfill their natures without anxiety by surrendering to their natures.

Birds do not try to be dogs. Lions do not try to be monkeys. Violets do not try to be oak trees. Only humans try to be what they are not - and that is human. However, there really are no such things as human beings because everything is the living, creating spirit of God in an endless variety of forms.

So this is some of the new information you asked for. There is no eventual goal to reach. There is only eternal creation in infinite dimensions for no other reason than it is God's nature to create. It never ends . . . never! So enjoy and have fun."

Mark Soine has been a practicing individual and family therapist since 1987 and is a licensed, ordained minister. He eagerly awaits those willing to go deeply into their own spiritual work, regardless of religious background or affiliation. For more information, call 244-5119.