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Cognitive Psychology (N.L.P) Modules
by Ray Twine

People skills; making sales; managing successfully;

coaching and training; better relationships;

achieving personal best in playing sport, or music


Elegant deep language has value, to speak with clarity and to understand when another speaks in a shallow way becomes a skill. Find out just what to listen to and how to listen.


Understanding how a person thinks could be a useful tool. It is for this reason we have so many trainers, salespeople, managers, retailers and professional people joining in the fun.


We are anchored or triggered into our separate habits and states of mind. We also trigger others into their behavior. To see how to set and release these triggers is a resource that brings lifetime benefits.


The knowledge quickly taken in gives an ability to gain rapport with the most difficult of people. It is not hard to get-on with easy going people; how to gain rapport with difficult

people can be profitable. Use the techniques to be guaranteed a new harmony.


Playing mind games is not only fun but it is also a wonderful way to reach the aims and ambitions wanted in life. The academics confirm that we use approximately 1% of our mind capacity. The practice of these simple strategies gains one powerful advantages, possibilities in self-help and confidence. These can help others stuck in "Loops of Despair."

As Al Capone the gangster lay dying shot by the goodies, the last words he said, ......"Do you think the public loved me?"

So many seek tender love and care.

It is said that when we are at the age of 20 years we believe that everyone is looking at us. When we reach the age of 40 we know they are looking. At age 60 we don't care.

Relationships and the manner of managing and handling people takes up a great part of the actions and thinking time on this planet. What you pick up from this talk could alter the way you move through the world.

Talk by Ray Twine MA Psychologist, Master Therapist Psycho-therapist, Hollywood Clinic, Portland OR, Tel: 503 281 3835, email: