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Clean With Water Only
Well, what will they think of next? No more ammonia or alcohol window cleaners? No more rubber gloves or burning skin? No more choking on noxious cleaner odors? Hard to believe, you say!

This amazing technology was perfected in Sweden and is now available in this country. It is called micro fiber and is the ultimate ecological solution to light cleaning problems in your home, car, boat, motorhome and business.

Micro fiber is a synthetic fiber, made of polyester. A single micro fiber is no thicker than one hundredth the size of a human hair. Woven together, they provide a very soft surface and have a fantastic capacity to attract and hold dust, because they are static by nature. These dust cloths require no products like End Dust to attract and hold dust. When cloth becomes soiled, you simply launder to remove dust and dirt. Once laundered, the static charge is energized and ready to go to work again and again.

A split micro fiber is created by injecting a polyamid core within the synthetic fiber. Split fibers have microscopically small, but very efficient, sharp edges. Cloths made of split micro fibers are excellent for cleaning hard surfaces, such as ceramics, tile, porcelain, glass, mirrors, etc and require no cleaners to accomplish this task.

Both the micro fiber and split micro fiber cloths are easy to use, have great longevity, can be washed and reused as many as 500 times. They provide superior cleaning results, reduce work-related stress and injuries, cut cleaning time dramatically, drastically reduce the need for cleaners, and are economical to use. Allergy sufferers have no reactions when using the cloths, and use of the cloths help save the environment.

Micro fiber technology has been available for over 75 years; however, developments over the last 15 years has improved the cleaning ability and static nature of the cloths that makes them economically feasible.

Many cleaning tools like dust mops and damp mops are being manufactured using the micro fiber technology for home and industry alike. Wood floors and floor finishes are cleaned with just a small amount of water, saving hours of cleaning and refinishing time.

The cloths are called ECO Cloths and are available locally. Contact Sharon Spence at (503) 287-4608 or (800)927-9442 for more information on how to order.